Tricky Target Themed Contract Thread


I’ve come up with a fresh idea to try to kick-start this…

This is a themed contract thread with one simple rule: each contract contains a single tricky target.
Tricky is defined as: (i) hard to reach, (ii) challenging kill method, (iii) complications.
The challenge is to complete the contract in the most creative way possible. However, sometimes less is more; too many restrictions stifle creativity.
There’s no limit to the number of contracts that can be on-the-go, but let’s try to play each other’s contracts before we flood the thread with new contracts of our own.

So let’s get creative in creating contracts and in solving them!

N.B. To help finding contracts using the Contract Search feature, please use the title format: Tricky Target #X. Try to post it here as quickly as possible, so that someone wanting to create a new one can check the last number used.

The original rules are left here for posterity…

There seems to be a definite lull at the moment in cross platform friendly competition, so I’ve come up with an idea for a new competition. The rules are simple:

Each contract consists of a single tricky target.
Contract conditions are limited to the available game mechanics; you cannot add additional stipulations.
It must be possible to complete the contract with a silent assassin rating.
It should contain some clever puzzle/tricky challenge element. For example, it must be possible to complete the contract without resorting to tedious coin-fetch tricks to take the target half way across the map. However, there is nothing to stop any player from using that method.
The winner is the player with the highest score and gets to create the next contract.

To get the ball rolling I’ve created the first contract.

Tricky Target #1
PC: 1-08-0573729-95 (Thanks, @hitmies47)
PS4: 2-08-0284503-99 (Thanks, @immadummee47)
Xbox: 3-08-3515915-05

Tricky Target #1b

Hopefully, this appeals to a number of players and someone on PS4/PC would have the time to re-create it. Assuming we think it’s got some mileage, how long do we think each competition should run for?


Actually she is quite easy because, a small hint, Jackie is a sweetheart that gives you access to ger room and has her balcony door open. Just watch out for Otis and Ken and a couple of waiters to avoid luring them.
EDIT AND SPOILERS. (Didn’t used the blurring because I recall @Euler13 having trouble at times to see pics and text that were blurred).

Gatchi, gatchi.


@Euler13, remade for PS4
ID: 2-08-0284503-99

@scm97tl, Jackie who?


Thanks, and wow! That was a well worked run. :clap:


I made contract for PC
ID: 1-08-0573729-95

I don’t have a run yet, but thank you @Euler13 for this competition idea


I’m sure it’ll get chopped down more yet :smirk:, but got this a bit earlier:



What, no vid? :sob:


The contract on pc was created by @hitmies47, not me :slightly_smiling_face:


Oops! :blush: Sorry, @hitmies47, and thank you. I’ve fixed the first post.


Hell yeah :cowboy_hat_face:


No problem @Euler13 !

I think I have one good strat (maybe), but I have to fix little details. Problem is that soon that time is not enough :grinning:
Good work @Hardware :+1:


Not required now I guess. :wink:

Mine was quite similar to @Hardware’s, except for a loud gun to get through the kitchen (so no need to go for the item stash). She wouldn’t immediately go for a coin for me though, so I dropped Napoleon and a coin outside the hut to get her to stand up initially prior to the coin fetch, and to keep the hotel staff in there busy for the kill + body drop.


…but but but…

So you’re saying you used the fetch trick? :scream_cat:


Yes, I am; and It’s posts like this which make me strongly disapprove of the use of partial quotes on forums. :wink:


So you’re saying…

Oh, thanks. Appreciate the kind words. :joy::joy::joy:




you ruined my dreams :frowning:


Just to clarify… I made that statement: “It must be possible to complete the contract without resorting to tedious coin-fetch tricks to take the target half way across the map,” to explain that it is not necessary, but it is still perfectly acceptable. I didn’t want anyone taking one look at the target and rejecting the contract outright, because they thought that the only possible solution required that method. After all, it’s easy to pick a ridiculous target that could only be isolated by that type of method. My suggestion was that the contract must be designed with some knowledge of a more subtle trick or manipulation that could be used to move the target. Anyway, I’ve modified the original post to make it clearer.


So feel free to use your coin if you want to take her for a walk to get some special alone time. :wink: