Tricky Target Themed Contract Thread


Can someone show me a video of how this coin fetch trick works? I’ve seen it being used multiple times, but I can’t make it seem to work. You drop a coin at your feet first and then just throw it to make NPCs follow them?


Well that’s where someone’s knowledge of the OTHER game mechanics come into play. I don’t believe there is a single target in this game that NEEDS the fetch trick. There’s always a way to move an npc with it as long as that npc is killed without it and that goes on the creator of the contract.

I feel like we should not allow the fetch trick just to see how else players can kill a target without it. How much knowledge does the player have to get the target without that.

I just feel that these contracts, being called “tricky”, doesn’t really become tricky if you’re literally grabbing an npc by the hair in front of everyone and dragging them where you want. But that’s just how I feel.

You made the rules so whatever goes, goes.


I hoped that this competition would appeal to as many types of players as possible. It’s not about winning each round, it’s about sharing our methods and tricks, and having fun. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the methods so far. I’m not likely to win and further rounds, but it won’t stop me playing them. A rule that prohibited the coin-fetch trick would exclude some of our best players and in the process we’d all miss out.


If someone doesn’t play because of the removal of 1 mechanic, then that’s petty lame, honestly. Because I could say is that all you have in your pouch of tricks? :joy:

But I could say the same as per your suit restriction on the contract. Why not make it any/any then? That way you don’t have players avoid suit only runs in Colorado (for example). Also, remove all complications too to have more players play. Not everyone wants to hide bodies.

It’s just that the fetch trick contradicts the whole “tricky” part. It basically makes this a speedrun competition only.

Because as I said, there’s lots of other mechanics that are in the game to move an npc. Lots. And as long as the creator of the contract kills the target without using the fetch trick, the contract will be doable with it. The idea should be to try to stump the player, in a sense. If that’s not what you were going for, then again, this just makes it another speedrun comp and the tricky parts gets removed.
It’s not like the fetch trick is an unknown mechanic so getting an npc to a box/closet isn’t really tricky anymore and then having that complication really becomes moot.

I just thought that this would be puzzle heavy and the fetch trick just ruins that element in so many ways.


Pretty much. If you take a look at Hardware’s run a few posts above, go to around 50 seconds and you’ll see the coin get dropped in front of the lady in the yellow shirt. Once the ‘?’ appears above her head, pick it up and throw it where you want her to go. Do it fairly fast as the window of opportunity is quite short.

There’s lots of variations. For example here…

if you go about 15 seconds in, you can bump the target and place the coin instead of throwing, and they will still go to that spot to collect. @Fries00


coin fetch trick is golden


Interesting. Thanks for the help. Is the coin fetch different for some NPCs like guards? Guards usually don’t seem to be fooled by it when I do it.


could’ve been more faster


@Euler13 i have a little tricky contract, can i post it here ?


It’s between you and @Pagan. Technically he got a slightly higher score, but if he’s not got a contract in mind and he doesn’t mind, then go for it. However, as a matter of courtesy I’d wait for him to reply.


Yeah of course, maybe he’ll have a better contract than mine.


if you have a contract, be my guest :slight_smile: i have no any tricky contract


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@Hardware: Re-created on Xbox, ID: 3-09-6957591-05.


I’m sure it will be smashed by others, but here’s my submission…

Tricky Target #2 (4:07)




Why not just score it by creativity? Seems like these HITMAN competitions are too “score” based.


Creativity is subjective and can’t be measured. Time can


We tried something along these line with one of the other competitions we did here, whereby the winner was the player with the most Likes, but unless you’ve got a large base of member involvement it became a little unreliable. Often those who played within the first 24 hours got more votes simply because people checked out the thread when a new round went live, but were probably too busy to go back a few days later to check out later entries.

And as @Fortheseven said, you need some kind of objective metric. I mentioned in a post above, I’m never going to beat any of the legends if they take part, but I make submissions because I enjoy playing them.


We need some legends… I am the only one in the leaderboard on PC for my contract, no one else wants to play it ? :frowning: