Triggers in Sapienza

So, uhm. I guess we’ve had similar discussions before, but I figure it’s worth doing something that is Sapienza specific.
To a certain extent this is for identifying what the triggers are, and to another extent it is about if they’re all good or bad.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m making this thread because of triggers that enfuriate me, but I do realize there are others that work better.

Today I tried to poison the spaghetti sauce in the kitchen in a suit only run. I got into the kitchen and waited for the chef to go make his phonecall, which I knew he did since I’d seen him do it before. Now either this is on a reaaaaaally long timer, or it just never happens if you’re in the kitchen. So what gives? Do you have to go to the room with the plague doctor for this to trigger? What is the value in that if that is the case?

One of the biggest problems I have with some of the triggers employed in this game is predictability. There are so many moments where I think I know something is gonna happen, and it doesn’t because some random ass trigger hasn’t been activated, and others where something unexpected happens because I unintentionally triggered it.

I sort of like cutting through the attic of the villa to get to the area where De Santis makes her phonecall. But it took me a few times to realize that this triggers the attic guards to head down (after they’re done talking). Not only can you get into a situation where two guards randomly stumble upon you because of this, but it also means you don’t want to cut through the attic because once they’re done there’s two extra guards outside of the office De Santis keeps going to.

Again, really frustrating.

Finally, when trying to make a contract to push a woman down the well outside of the church (to get that challenge), I just kept getting spotted. Until I realized that there’s a gardener on a balcony who keeps seeing me.
Solution? Run into the apartment building and he’ll be triggered to leave.

This is another problem with triggers. They lead to nonsensical approaches,

What are some other triggers you’ve noticed in this level? Are any of them frustrating? In what way? Are any of them good?


e.g. The delivery guys next to car accident. You need to trigger a dialogue with a cyclist to make him sit on bench, then you can subdue delivery guy without being concerned a cyclist will spot you. First though you have to listen their deep chat.

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I broke Silvio’s tooth by throwing a coin in the spaghetti that he’s eating later. He sure got mad at the chef!


Waking up the detective and watch him calling Francesca feels natural.


If you throw a coin at him they will skip the chat and he’ll go sit on the bench. Gamey method but it works


Agreed. That’s the type of trigger I don’t mind.

As far as the guys in the attic, I also have found myself avoiding the attic just so I don’t make those guys move. I understand they stay there to provide you with a clue, but it’s still annoying.

Overall, I’m really not annoyed by triggers in Sapienza yet. And, in fact, I love the optional triggers we’re given to change target routes on a dime, such as drawing Silvio toward the observatory. That’s how triggers should be used in Hitman…options to change target movements to open up additional kill opportunities.


Have u noticed that Silvio’s watch is stuck at 11:00:33? No wonder u have to trigger to some stuff, time is standing still :S
Also that’s quite an early lunch.

Also agree waking up the detective is an example of a trigger that has in-game logic which works. I haven’t had a ton of time with Sapienza yet so haven’t stubbed my toes on many triggers, but have noticed some here and there. Given the size of the levels in this game and the way in which there are many mini-clockwork sequences happening all over I’m starting to think triggers are, to a degree, a necessary evil. But they can be improved upon tremendously if IO can do more of things like waking up the detective and if they can resist the urge to have 2 NPCs stand about until their important clue-giving conversation is over whereupon they go traverse the level.

Take the guards in the attic as a universal example of triggers done wrong. Here’s my fix: have both be on a loop wandering about the attic “looking” for the safe combo, and have their loop cause them to meet up in front of the safe every minute for 10 seconds (timing isn’t exact just for illustrative purposes). This is what they should do for the entire level, always. If you are currently in the attic, then the convo plays out next time they meet at the safe.

This basic approach would be my fix for all triggers-done-wrong. Nobody should be waiting for 47 to hear their convo before they start their routine if (a) that routine is important for other opportunities or (b) that routine takes the NPC to a different area of the map. Make small, localized routines that continually put the NPC(s) in the position they need to be in for 47 to hear what he needs to hear. Or have them always stationary, before and after the convo.

The example of the gardener on the balcony is a slightly different beast I think - I bet there’s proxy triggers everywhere for just single NPCs walking about town to give the illusion of people living and wandering about a town. The gardener wouldn’t be a noticeable or problematic one (to me at least) if he didn’t see what was happening at the well. Just have him facing the other way and I no longer have a problem with it.


Well, i didn’t check it out in this case, thanks. But there are also a places where after throwing a coin NPCs return to their locations and start dialogue from the beginning :expressionless:


Wow I haven’t experienced that but it sounds annoying.

I pretty much share the same opinion as AlexNiedt and Nitro in regards to triggers

I’m assuming that was a joke? If not that’s pretty cool they added that in :smile:. Is it right that Francesca will never meet Roberto even if you listen to their conversation? Does the therapist go into the mansion if you trigger his conversation then go inside yourself? I have never listened in on the conversation between Silvio and the therapist. I haven’t had too much trouble with them so far maybe I don’t pay enough attention to them unless I have to :smile:.

LaFayette does go in the mansion, not sure what he talks about with Silvio though cause when he did the target was already dead so the doc just waited on the balcony forever


It’s not a joke. Silvio will order his guards to bring the chef to the garage for some beating. Later when the therapist is visiting he’s complaining that his tooth hurts, and can’t be bothered today, sending him home. He then goes to his bed to rest. Now he is all alone, his bodyguards are in the garage, and hes sleeping. U can be creative at this point.


Seriously? I thought it was a joke too. Haven’t played a ton in Sap yet. All the issues are draining my enthusiasm to play so I’ve still got lots to discover.


Get out of here your having me on aren’t you :smile: not falling for it. No way they would add all that in on the off chance you threw a coin in his food :smile:. Nice try though haha @FantumX he’s making it up as he goes along don’t fall for it :smile:.

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Go ahead and try it out if u don’t believe me :grin:

No chance then I would have fell for it :smile: not happening haha.

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I’ll give it a shot but it’s highly unlikely :smiley:

You will be wasting your time but feel free :smile:.

I tried it but I can’t seem to even land the coin in the spaghetti pot )=

Edit: I only tried it bc I was playing already when I came across this thread.