Trinity Pack Content Lost After Carryover

The joy over having finally been able to carry over my previous items has now subsided with the realisation that the Trinity Pack content was deleted from my profile. It’s not in my career inventory screen, nor is it in the pre-mission load-out.

Any way to recover these items? Anyone else encountered this?

happened to me, fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the trinity pack


This worked! Thank you!

I even got a mysterious “The Green Streak Suit” to boot in the process. Never even heared of that one :smiley:


I lost both my trinity pack and deluxe suits pack. I’m PS4 and can’t figure out how to uninstall an add on by itself. I can get to the list of installed add ons under storage, but I can’t do anything with them. Any help is appreciated.

tbh I would like to remove that Thrinity Pack from my equipment because is ugly, cheap and just looks like a garbage to me.

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20 cheesy suits

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the green streak suit is an xbox specific suit, each platform has their own. its absolutely atrocious tbh i hate it


The blue streak one isn’t terrible.

So you can not uninstall add on packs one by one on PS4. I can reinstall the entire game and lose transfer progress or go without preorder suits. I think I’ll wait a few days and see if I can get a fix before I forgo all my carryover stuff.

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I think it’s unlikely that your transfer progress will be lost. Transferred or not, all data is saved and accessed via cloud. You should be fine if you reinstall the game.


Well then I’ll give it a go. Thanks.

That did not work, unfortunately. I deleted my game and reinstalled. You were correct about me not losing my progression and items (thanks), but the deluxe items are still not there even though I do see the deluxe part listed as an add on for the game.

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I just reinstalled the game and i got all of the trinity pack suits and also other suits that were missing

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Epic Store changed something and how Hitman 3 doesn’t have 4 but 9 addons. I’ve chected and got un-checked Trinity Pack. Maybe for you it will be also this same case. It’s under “Menage DLCs/Addons”.

you need to complete the deluxe escalations to get the items :sweat_smile:

for the Beldingford suit, complete the only escalation for thornbridge manor, for devil its an escalation in dubai and for the hong kong suit it’s the “lee hong deviation” (chongqing)

bet the lee hong deviation satisfied mr. ochoa :wink:

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Quick! Pics of the Green Streak Suit before they realize their mistake!

it’s an xbox exclusive suit, every platform has a variant :neutral_face:

nintendo suit :face_vomiting:

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I’ve just had the same issue. All trinity pack items gone. Have I seriously got to reinstall the whole game again??

No, if you’re playing on ps4, check the downloads page and look for the trinity pack. When you find it, see if you can uninstall it. If you can’t yeah, you’re gonna have to reinstall the game :weary:

I got lucky. After closing the game a couple of times and loading it back up they appeared :grin:.

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Same for me, found yesterday, but I still can use Trinity things