Trinity Pack not showing (Epic)

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I pre ordered the game, installed and played on day 1. I do not have the trinity pack. It’s not under add-ons in EPIC or anything. How do I get it??

Have you checked in the game directly?
What do you see on the planning screen of the mission in Containers/Guns/Suits menu?
Items should be there in corresponding categories

Yep, they’re not there :frowning:

I have the same problem. I preordered the game and I don’t have the trinity pack

So annoying. I emailed IO last week and again this week and haven’t heard anything back :l - have you had any luck or talked to anyone at IO yet?

I recommend for people who haven’t received the The Trinity Pack to reach out to Epic Support and not IO. This is most likely a license issue. Please provide your order details for HITMAN 3 so they can verify you purchased it before launch when reaching out to Epic Support

Trinity Pack is also its own individual install.

I have already reached out to epic and the recommended I reach out to IO as they said it was issued directly from IO.

Actually I reached back out saying IO wasn’t responding and they helped me! Thank you!

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What advice did they give you?

Well I told them I pre ordered and didn’t have the pack and they came back and said sorry about that, we’ve now awarded you the Trinity pack

strange… epic support send me only link to this forum because they made only solutions for lanch games.