Trophies issue

Hi so in both colorado and hokkaido in hitman 2 i’m already in mastery lvl 20 but the trophies didn’t pop up for me I replyed the missions doing different challenges and gaining more XP but still no trophy earned .
Same thing in contracts trophy I already completed more than 10 contracts and no trophie earned :pensive::pensive:

What platform are you on?

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Well, he mentioned the term ‘trophies’, so that must be PS4.

Anyway, @xd_imad69, regarding to your issue, it happened before. And the development team claimed the bug was fixed:

No Master
We’ve fixed an issue that caused Location Mastery trophies/achievements to remain locked after earning Mastery outside of main campaign missions. Players can now expect to unlock the achievement/trophy whenever they reach the max Mastery level.

I had this issue before, too. It was the Marrakesh trophy. It turned out to be due to when I reached lvl 20, the mission I played was ‘A House Built on Sand’, rather than the regular map ‘A Gilded Cage’. I believed you also had this issue by reaching the max lvl with Patient Zero campaigns.

And here’s what fixed my issue: After getting the December update installed, I logged into the game, than quit it. The next time I logged into the game, it unlocked the trophy for me while the game was being loaded:

I hope this fixes your issue as well. If it doesn’t, you may try contact with the community support. Cheers. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry for not mentioning I play on PS4

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Thanks for your reply I will try to contact with the community support . :blush:

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