Trouble finding exits

Maybe I’m blind, but I cannot for the life of me find how to exit with the helipad or the swan dive. Any guidance?

The helicopter is easy just hop on it and fly away without forcing the Constant to exit with you. I don’t know about the swan dive though

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Strange, I never got an exit popup on it. Must be a bug just for me. XBox One.

the helipad requires you to use a flare

I believe you need to lock the butler in the freezer as Blake Nathaniel to do swan dive


AH, I saw a video of someone locking him in. Didn’t know that triggered the exit.

Thanks for the tips!

Oh that is odd I though he meant the helicopter exit. Say where is the flare? And the butler for that matter?

the butler is in the constant’s tower

the flare is in the warehouse/security room

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Yep the instant I typed it I was like oh yeah that butler.

Of course, that was so simple I never would have though of it.

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Wait, I’m not talking about the helicopter on top of the Constant’s office, I’m talking about the one on the helipad.

oh you are? I didn’t realise, sorry 🤷

not sure for the helicopter, should just be a simple escape

Need to silence the assassin in order to leave the apron
Sorry, Google Translate

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Silent Assassin to exit this way? I think I got it.