Trouble logging into my IOI account

Hey guys, I’m experiencing a weird error where I can’t log in to my IOI account by any means, through the email or an external login (PS4 in my case). Every single time I try this, I get an error message. I’ve done everything I can think of, cleared my cookies, used a different device and a different network too. Can someone tell me how to fix this?

What error message do you get?


Error processing your request.

Since when do you have this problem?

Also try to connect your PS4 to the Internet via your phone. I heard some ISPs have weird problems with Hitman.

Three days ago. It doesn’t have anything to do with my PS4, I linked that with my IOI account before the problem started occuring. When I try to log in on the website, that is,, it won’t let me do so either by the email login or the PSN login. I’m trying to access my account to see my downloads, etc.

I get that error message whenever I try.

Please try the idea with your phone. It can be an ISP issue.

I did. Same problem on my cell phone as well. I try to log in using my email on my phone’s browser but I get the error message there as well.

Gonna tag @Travis_IOI maybe he can be more helpful for you.

This is the link to the error page I always get. Can anyone please help??

You better do a screenshot of an error, cuz this kind of links either temporary or tied to your IP/hardware/cookies and can not be accessed/opened by other people

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Can anybody help, please?

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Email IOI

We’ve just noticed this and will take a look.


well thats a long look at the problem because its still happening any update chaps

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It’s been working fine, up until a couple hours ago.

Service Availability - West Europe - Validating Mitigation

Starting at 02:40 UTC on 07 Nov 2019 a subset of customers in West Europe may experience difficulties connecting to resources hosted in this region. Engineers have determined that this is caused by an underlying Storage incident. Services that leverage Storage in this region may also be impacted. Customers using these services will receive communications in the Service Health section of their Azure Portal.

Update: Engineers have identified the issue and have rolled out a platform hotfix. They have confirmed customers are starting to see signs of recovery. We are continuing to monitor.

The next update will be provided by 10:00 UTC, or as events warrant.

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I am also experiencing the issue (on xbox one). Though it should be noted that the email I’ve had linked to IOI has been sending me emails as usual, the last being yesterday (NOV 6th 2019) announcing the Nov roadmap (which Isnt appearing at all for me in game; the Oct one is still displayed).
In the main menu (where u go to enter it in the settings) it says No Email Found. And when I enter any of the emails I use it says Failed. It also doesn’t send verifications to any emails I’ve tried…

Yep.No email found for me too in Ps4 today.The Sign Up tab is active on main menu up right window.The 3 suits though are still available which is good until they fix it!!

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Signing in to confirm IOI Account trouble this past few hours.
Game even suggested me register an account like I never had one.
First I thought IOI had rolled up the showroom considering last news :slight_smile: