Trouble with new Hitman 2 DLC

So I barely got into the recent hitman franchise and purchased Hitman 2 along with the season pass. I was confused at first, thinking I’d get the first part of Hitman with my purchase of Hitman 2, which I now understand is not the case. But my biggest issue, where I feel like I’m getting scammed in is that I payed for the season pass yet cannot access the Elusive targets that are in Hitman 1 maps even though I payed for the season pass, even if it’s only temporary for that one Elusive target mission I should at least get temporary access so i can get the relative rewards. I say this because even if I wanted to purchase everything prior to Hitman 2 I can’t because it is not longer available on the PlayStation store for purchase so I’m stuck having what feels like half a game. Can anyone help? Thank you.

You need to download the legacy pack

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Nowhere does it say that purchasing Hitman 2 or the Expansion Pass grants you access to the season 1 locations in Hitman 2, aka the Legacy locations. Infact, nowhere does it say that any edition of Hitman 2 grants you access to the Legacy locations. So that is on you.

Again, you should read before you purschase something.
Expansion Pass only lets you access to post launch content within Hitman 2 and not Legacy.

Legacy is available so you’re searching for something else then.

Like Toppo said, you need GOTY Legacy Pack to have access to the Legacy locations which will then allow you to play the Legacy Elusive Targets when they arrive.

If you own a full game version of Hitman 2016 then you can redeem the Legacy Pack for free.
Here’s how you can redeem Legacy for free and check if you’re eligible to redeem it for free

So if you feel scammed for not having access to the Legacy locations when you didn’t purschase or redeem something that grants you access to the Legacy locations then that is on you.