Trust Level Resets


So, I’ve noticed that I’ve unlocked the the regular status at least three times now. Does it reset if you’re not active enough? Just wondering if that’s an intended feature, or not.


The first rule of Regular Club: keep liking and posting.
The second rule of Regular Club: same as the first rule.

(Yes, it’s an intended feature)



Thanks, lul. Must have missed it in the forum guidelines.

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No worries.

I do need to point out that the word in bold means “penis” in my language (Dutch), so that sounded really weird to me :smiley:


Since I’m Dutch I feel personally attacked now.


Stop it, this is cracking me up :joy::joy: Lulz as plural? Lol


Did you know it is said that the reason why “the first rule” is repeated is because rule one is actually directed towards the audience not to give away the twist ending?

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Google reckons it means “asshole”. So “dick” rather than “penis”, is that a better way of putting it?

Fantastic sign-off, I have to say, I think we should all start using “thanks penis” now.