Trying to Access Legacy content on PS4

Hey folks,

I’m looking to see if anyone has experienced this particular problem.

I own PS4 versions of Hitman 2 (physical) and Hitman 2016 GOTY (digital) and have accessed the in game store in order to download the Legacy content. All of the Legacy episodes are installed but when I attempt to access the remastered season one in Hitman 2 every episode says “Get Access”.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both games and Legacy content (multiple times). I have renewed licenses (multiple times). I cannot seem to get Hitman 2 to recognize the content. All of the Legacy add ons are shown as being installed under Hitman (2016) can anyone confirm that this is how it should be?

If anyone has a solution or had this same issue, please let me know. I’m getting pretty frustrated.


Make sure both of your games are bought in one and the same region.
Also make sure to use the code for bonus missions in HITMAN 2016. That code should be somewhere in the box with the disc. Without bonus missions for HITMAN 2016 you can’t redeem Legacy Pack for free.
If you bought a pre-used disk, most likely that code been already used and you’re screwed.
Only way out for you is to buy Legacy Pack for some bucks.

UPD: seems I was a bit wrong for your particular situation, but it still true for HITMAN 2016 disc.

Still make sure both of your games are bought in the same region.
In order to get Legacy Pack the both games should be installed.
After you installed them, log to HITMAN 2016 and play one or two missions from start to finish.
Then log out and launch HITMAN 2. To make sure system recognized you right go play couple of missions in HITMAN 2 as well. As soon as you finish the mission you can quit the game and if everything go smooth the download should be already in progress.

If it still won’t work then get back here and wait for @Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI @ioi_christianco to jump in and help

Also play with your PS4 privacy settings. The other day someone reported that after he changed all his privacy settings everything worked. Maybe it will help you as well


Thanks for the quick reply. I’m actually just now realizing that the copy of Hitman 2 that I ordered from Amazon says Pegi 18 rather than M for mature. Also the symbol on the back looks like region 2. Whereas my Hitman was purchased through the US store, so that is probably the issue right?

If you’re not in the US and HITMAN 2016 has different region, then yes it might be issue.
Both games must match your residence region.

Or you can try VPN to fix that, but I don’t think it’s very convenient to use VPN to play the game