Trying to complete "the Classics"

In order to do so, I need help. Both from MrFreeze2244, and the forum.

So its ranking time! I want you to rank the campaign-maps 1-10, depending on how hard you felt it was doing a SA/SO-run. 1 is the easiest, and 10 being the hardest. You can give multiple maps the same ratings.

Hopefully I can use these rankings to develope a template that helps me/other folks decide which maps to do SA/SO, and also to eliminate some maps, due to they being to difficult.

So far I’ve gotten Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Hokkaido, Hawke’s Bay, Miami, Dubai, Dartmoor, Chongqing & Carpathian Mountains.

So my ranking would go a little something like this:

Paris - 4
Sapienza - 5
Marrakesh - 7
Bangkok - 9
Hokkaido - 2
Hawke’s Bay - 1
Miami - 1
Dubai - 3

Dartmoor - This one depends: if you have unlocked the shortcuts it is a 2, if not I would say it is much harder. But it is difficult to rate, so get your shortcuts unlocked.

Chongqing - Given that you have to snipe quite a few drones, I would say leading up to the kill it can be hard. However after that it is fairly easy, so a 4.

Carpathian Mountains - I’d recommend you save in every new cart. But still then it is a 5.

So what say you? Will you help?