Turning SA run into an all day project. lol


I decided to subdue everyone on the map without being spotted. Took all day yesterday, but I’ve got the map clear with only the targets walking around. I piled bodies in the default spawn, and stacked a pile in the bathroom of the building where Point Man hangs out. I left 3 bodies by the truck in the back corner of the house, and the filled maybe half the containers. I took screenshots of the piles, both regular and with Instinct on. I’m tempted to do run in Italy and Heisenburg every hostile at some point just for the hell of it. lol


Do the targets react on this in any way? Like wondering where everybody went?


Well, Sean never leaves the house now that the explosives guys are gone. Maya goes to where she’s supposed to talk to people and jut stands there the length of the conversation. That was annoying sometimes. I didn’t know that Penelope and Ezra talk outside the house, but I guess that’s normal. You can easily get them both with the mower explosion if you wanted. Didn’t notice anything else.

It was a pain in the ass to get their personal guards off them though. When they see weapons they radio someone else to pick them up, but if there’s another weapon in the path of the guy coming, the guard gets tired of waiting and picks up the other one himself.


I know that in Paris, if you get rid of all the bartenders, Novikov complains that there aren’t any bartenders! He has a number of lines about it XD


Amazing challenge!!
This should’ve been the real escalation mode :+1:
(how far can you go without being spotted)


They should call it “The Sandman’s Sadism”.