[Tutorial] - Skip intro screen

Drag thumbs.dat from Hitman’s dx12Retail or Retail directory (Depending if you are using DirectX11 or DirectX12) into the tool on this webpage: https://notex.app/tools/online/xtea/

And then you will need to change the following:


To this instead:


Click “Save File” and then you can replace the original thumbs.dat file with the newly downloaded version.


It works, you make the best mods for this game! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, glad it’s working :smiley:

Can confirm it’s working great. Hope I don’t get banned for this but given KiNiU still existing I’m assuming probably not.


Thank you, that intro is obnoxious in sound design too so it’s super annoying having to mute it and stare at it. Really baffling stupid how this is the norm these days.

This video nails the unskippable intro feels perfectly lol


Just installed it myself! Thanks for making this! Easy installation and no bullshit.

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Appreciate your work on this, i always try and find a way to remove those intro spash screens in games, they get annoying really fast.

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Thanks a lot @Notex really appreciate your work, it works flawless. : ) What tools did you use? I assume generic ones as it is a .dat file; or did you need to use any engine specific tools, if so, would you be available to share these?

(If it is engine related, the only tool I know of is the old Glacier TEX Tool.).

Avid HItman fan;

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Thank you. I used a Hitman specific tool that could decrypt and re-encrypt thumbs.dat (Which is the configuration file for the engine). It’s basically just an .ini file with .dat as the extension.

any chance of this mod for Sniper Assassin?



Already made this the day I got the game, but didn’t really have much motivation to upload it here lol.

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Just downloaded and works a charm. You da real MVP <3


Thank you :smiley: , i always try and find a way to skip intro videos in games they get tiresome really fast.

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@Notex can you send a valid link to the Hitman 2016 thumbs.dat file? Link appears to be broken :slight_smile:

Huh that’s weird. Google drive says that is the URL for it :confused:

Gonna host it on my own server instead, screw this lmao.

thanks notex :heart:


@YourGudBudNel @Pagan Hey do the new links work for both of you?

yeah links work for me

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@Notex I made a section for Hitman Mods quite awhile ago on GameBanana, so you can upload it there if you want to, instead of linking to a Google Drive link repeatedly.

I’m not using Google Drive anymore, thanks for the offer though.