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I recently started Damages. It’s been okay so far. certainly nothing spectacular. The story structure is a bit odd for a first season too, showing characters in peril before we’ve even been introduced to them. Some of the acting and story-lines a what’s to expected from a first season drama, a bit melodramatic. But is has been picking up by the episode.

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I remember seeing the first season about two years ago, but I didn’t continue watching it. I decided to check out this little show called Breaking Bad instead and never returned to Damages. I remember liking Glenn Close’s character and the story, which keeps a good pace. The series basically starts off with scenes from the final episode and everything culminates into revealing the context behind certain things we’ve already seen. It’s a decent enough show, but not one I found particularly memorable. I might have to check out season 2.


I don’t think I’ll ever get into any show as much as Breaking Bad. Changed my freaking life. I did start watching True Detective and it was pretty good, but then I forgot about it and haven’t watched it in months. And I read somewhere that the main cast won’t be in season 2(??) so I guess I know how the first season will end. But I think I’m gonna start watching it again as soon as I get home actually.


My only advice regarding True Detective would be to not expect big big mysteries and twists. There’s way too many red herrings and elements that are only for creating an atmosphere, but appear to be more important than they are.

The emphasis of the show is more on the relationship between the characters and less on the investigation.
Just saying because a lot of people expected more out of it and were let down. I can’t blame them, cause like I said, there’s a lot of misleading scenes and elements that don’t really have that big of a role all in all.


There won’t be anything as good as Breaking Bad, although Game of Thrones comes pretty close. True Detective was awesome too, and I look forward to see how they handle season 2. Rumors said Brad Pitt might get the lead role, and if that happens I would definitely be hyped for next season. Amazing show visually.

House of Cards started great, but lost momentum in season 2. But the great acting from Kevin Spacey makes it worth a watch alone.


It’s an anthology series, so one season will have nothing to do with the next, like American Horror Story. So no, you don’t know what is going to happen at the end.

In my opinion the first season on True Detective is the finest piece of television put to screen since Band of Brothers. It’s also better than BoB.


You’re goddamn right Heisenberg! Breaking Bad was amazing. Game of Thrones is also really good.

And Terror, thank you for reminding me of Band of Brothers. I think I will rewatch when I get some spare time.


Yep, Breaking Bad is probably the best show I’ve seen (so far), with Walter White being one of the better, if not most sophisticated characters ever created. I also love Twin Peaks, which would probably rank second on my list of favorites. They’re releasing an ‘Entire Mystery’ special collection soon, with never-released footage – so, I’m pretty excited.


Right now i’m watching Bear Grylls 4th season, i love the show, but i think since season 3 it have become more “fake”. He finds to many convenient stuff for his use, and the fact they don’t show when he kills his pray anymore, it takes some of the reality away from the show. But it is still good, he does some pretty crazy stuff every now and then.

Other then that i’m watching Hannibal (one of the best show on TV at the moment) aswell as Game of Thrones.


Too much wrapping up going on in the same episode in the finale for Game of Thrones, made it seem a little too convenient. But it did include a lot of great moments, although significant lack of build up to them left some feeling a bit empty.


It was a good episode of television I thought. I understand they have to change stuff from the books, and a lot of them I quite like. Didn’t enjoy the many, many changes in this episode though.


I don’t feel the big sympathy for Arya like I feel most people do. She was a ungrateful cunt yesterday (using The Hound words).

Brans story was a bit to much for me too. Skeletons and children with fire balls doesn’t fit.

All in all a great episode though. Tyrion and Stannis was bad ass. I’m reading the books at the moment, and understand that they didn’t include Tyrion telling Jamie about (spoiler), but I guess that comes in the beginning of the next season.


Season 4 of Louie was good, but was seriously lacking the funny from previous seasons. This season went in a much different direction, and seemed to have a running theme throughout, which is unlike the shows previous seasons. Relationships and all that malarkey. I like season 3s sketch like direction more.


I don’t quite see why people don’t like the Looney Tunes show. It’s nowhere near as bad as how people are making it out to be. I mean sure, it’s Seinfeld off its hinges, but so was Pulp Fiction, and I don’t mind life lessons given in something this zany so long as they’re presented in an entertaining fashion. I just don’t see how this is awful.


I didn’t expect this to be the final season of Californication. I like it’s becoming more serious about the shit that Hank does.


Sons of Anarchy coming back soon, bitches. Who’s body is ready?


Watching HBO’s Vikings, right now i’m half way through season 2. It took me over a half year to move from the pilot episode to the second one, to begin with i found the first episode borring. But i wanted to give it ago and some weeks ago i started watching the show ones again. I must amidt i’m very fond of the show, even though there are some historical inaccuracies about the viking coultur and the time period in general.

But other then that, it is a great show.


I got about 4 episodes in of the second season and haven’t watched any more. It’s just too shallow. There isn’t enough to grip me. The plot is weak, the characters are dull and the action feels like a high school media project.

Also, it’s not on HBO.


Oh, i did not know that. I just assumed it was HBO, because it’s part of HBO nordic and one of their featured
shows on the main page, just like Game of Thrones and True Blood.


Nah, it’s an Amazon Video (formally Love Film) original production.