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24 “Live free or die trying” Season 9, epsiode 8


New Trailer for FOX’s new TV show Gotham

And here is the fist trailer for those who have missed it.

I really like the idea behind this show, a “Batman” tv show, but without him and focusing on Gordon as the
hero of the show. But i can’t tell if it takes place in our time or in the past like the 80/90s.

Been at home sick all week. Time to catch up on TV shows

Hey, I spent ages thinking up the title to this thread! Only because TV Shows isn’t enough characters though.

Anyway, finished the first season of Damages and watch the first ep of season 2 but it just isn’t good enough to keep me glued to it. I had hoped to binge it but it’s pretty mediocre. Watched the first ep of Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain as well, but wasn’t all that impressed either.

Watched season 1 of Hannibal. Love the cast, I’m glad they got Mads Mikkelsen to play Hannibal, creating a new take on the character instead of trying to replicate Hopkins, who I don’t think can be matched. Some of the cases are far-fetched & rather outlandish, leaving me thinking “Seriously? That happened?” Also, I’m not really sure what the purpose of Gillian Anderson character is – but the final few episodes are utterly gripping and a nice set up for season 2.

Any Walking Dead fans here.

Walking Dead Season 5 trailer

I watched Walking Dead for the first 2 seasons. The first season was awesome, and so was the beginning of the second one. Then it got just boring at the ranch and the third season turned the series into a massive zombie-slaughter so I stopped watching.

I don’t really watch much TV anymore. Those few series (what’s the plural of that word? Just series?) I follow mainly through the internet because Finnish TV sucks ass.

  • The Mentalist is ok, I like Jane being a troll.
  • I love South Park for it’s clever jokes about today’s society and really hilarious depictions of celebrities. The latest season wasn’t really good though, which is a shame.
  • I’ve found myself enjoying british comedians. Especially Jimmy Carr and Sean Lock. I also love to watch QI from youtube.

Finnish stand up comedians are shit, but I’m glad that there’s the one exception. Here are couple hilarious clips in english from Ismo Leikola. The awkwardness makes it.

It saddens me when people talk about good TV shows everyone mentions Breaking Bad, but no-one has even heard of The Wire. It is seriously the greatest show on TV - even better then Breaking Bad. 9.7/10 IMDB score tells everything about its greatness.

‘The Wire’ is pretty well known, most of the people i know knows of it. Either they have seen it or heard of it. But i don’t agree on ‘The Wire’ being a better show then ‘Breaking Bad’, not by a long shot (Ofcourse this is my opinion).

I started watching Grimm, to begin i found half of season 1 a more or less medicore. However it turned out much better later in the show and it felt like the actors got more familiar with their roles. And wen i got hooked it did not take me long to finish both season 1,2, and 3. Right now i’m just wating for it to return. Just like Arrow, Walking Dead, Supernatural and Hannibal.

What the fuck are you talking about? Nobody is talking about The Wire because it ended like 5 years ago, but it’s still known as one of the best shows ever. It’s just not relevant at the minute. The same reason nobody talks about The Sopranos or Six Feet Under. They haven’t been on TV in years so they’re not so relevant right now. Breaking Bad didn’t even finish a year ago, and has still to get it’s Emmys from the final season.

Surely some people know about it, but most people who watch shows such as breaking bad or house of cards don’t know about it or have heard about it but haven’t seen it. The wire never gained the audience it deserves.

The Wire is constantly at the top of Best Tv shows ever lists. It’s doing alright.

If ‘The Wire’ did get the audience it deserved it would not have lasted more then more then one or two season, but it got 5 seasons (60 episodes). I can asure you that the ‘The Wire’ got the audience it deserved.

"In 2007, each episode of the show earned an average of 4.4 million viewers, while the show’s fifth season opener, which aired on Sunday, January 6, was only seen by a total of 3.4 million viewers, according to HBO spokesman Jeff Cusson. "

The Wire’s success was largely posthumous. It had a healthy viewership and modest success during its initial broadcast, but it’s since become a phenomenon and is definitely acknowledged as being one of the best TV shows ever made - An accolade it rightly deserves. Probably the best TV series I have ever watched.

[quote=“Terror, post:30, topic:105”]
It’s just not relevant at the minute.[/quote]

Depends what you mean by relevant. If you ask me, It’s still more relevant than anything that is currently on TV because most of the questions that the show asks America to address still haven’t been answered. It’s fiction, but only by, to quote Rawls, “a cunt hair”.

Not relevant to TV watchers, because it’s not on TV at the minute. Not that the subject matter isn’t relevant. And it is very much fiction. The final 2 seasons get very sensationalist and take a drastic step away from realism. And Brother Muzone is pretty much a cartoon character.

No way jose - If anything, season 4 was the most unflinchingly believable of them all.

Meh, I found the quality declined with each successive season. Season 4 was the one I found hardest to hold my attention on actually, after watching the first episode I stopped watching it for a few weeks. The political storyline, for me, was a total bore.

Way late to this but Season 4 was one of my favourites too, the theme for that season was good too. I didn’t mind Mouzone that much. I think they just exaggerated him as he’d be even more unfamiliar to people than most other characters (Nation of Islam assassin, I think?).

Thinking about it the politics for me was one of the best parts. It was really interesting seeing how Carcettis morals evolved over time, with his hand being forced as he sees the restrictions imposed by being involved in politics. Wouldn’t say the final seasons are really that sensationalist at all. The whole murders thing in Season 5 is probably the most unbelievable, but even then I can picture it.

Started watching Arrested Devlopment last week and i’m loving it. Season 3 wasn’t all that good but I’m hoping season 4 makes up for it.

Update: Season 4 isn’t very good

It’s still good, but continues to decline.