TV Show discussion


Ok I just came across this new show while on Netflix called Frequency. I have watched the first episode just now and I think it’s really good. Its basically about a woman communicating with her murdered father in the past through a radio. By talking to him she changes things that happen and after she remembers both ways things happened. I don’t want to say anymore as I don’t want to spoil it but check out the IMDB link below, I highly recommend watching the first episode to see what you think, this could be a really good series.


You’ve got that on Netflix? Are they just releasing one episode at a time cuz here in US it’s just on regular TV and they are only up to ep3.

Also it’s based off a movie of the same name from a few years back. Very good movie with Dennis Quaid.


Yes on Netflix I have episode one and two and it says the third is out on the 20th. I have seen that movie a long time ago I didn’t put the two together have you watched it then? Do you like it?


The tv show is not on Netflix in the US. I saw previews for it and it looked good. I just don’t watch much regular tv so I’ve missed it so far.

Netflix US has a deal with that network to stream their shows right after the season finale so we won’t see it until you’ve already seen the last ep of S1. :sob:


That sucks I have only watched episode one but I got a very good first impression from the episode. I will watch episode two later I hate waiting week by week for more episodes though haha.


Said article I mentioned.


Either the search function is broken or nobody mentioned Peaky Blinders. Really one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever watched, that Birmingham accent is so badass! Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already.


I bought season one on DVD a while back but never watched past the first episode, it just didn’t grab my attention for some reason.


Looks good, will give this one a watch.

I just finished Narcos season 2. It was alright. It feels like they had less material than season 1 though. They struggled to make it last 10 episodes but it was still very entertaining. I really like to see the Columbian landscapes, very outlandish and different from what you usually see on TV, also good to hear some Spanish. And I can’t wait for season 3. The cali cartel was the best aspect of this season.


I think it got better and better with every new episode and season. But the first episode got me hooked so the show might not be that interesting for you as it was for me.


A few years back? LOL. You must be even older than I am.

I love that movie by the way. It’s pretty schmaltzy, but it worked for me.


Haha yeah more like ten years or more ago.


Try 16.

I knew it was a long time ago because I remember reviewing it on an old shitty html-webpage I maintained to host my own reviews, back in the day when people had websites instead of facebook pages. :wink:


Geez makes me realise how fast time passes :open_mouth:.


Ha! Yeah, I just looked. Came out in 2000. That IS “just a few years back” when you’re as old as me :grin:. Gonna be 49 very soon. :cry:


Episode 6 of Quarry is out:


Still need to watch episode five, I just started watching californication. I watched at least the first season when it was first released many years ago but lost track of it. I have started from the first episode as it was that long ago it would be pointless not to. I remember a lot of it as I watch it but the time away means it still feels new and enjoyable. I’m really enjoying it and have watched five episodes already going to try and watch them all this time around. What’s with black mirror on Netflix it’s showing something about season three coming but I can’t find the first two :thinking:.

Edit: I found black mirror, is there only three episodes of season one and four of season two then?

I’m on season 2 episode 6 of Californication already :joy:.


Episode 3 of Westworld is out.


Will check this out later, need to watch Quarry still too. Been binge watching Californication can’t stop haha. Next episode of lucifer airs tomorrow too.


Just finished Stranger Things. Holy shit. What am I supposed to do with my life right now?