TV Show discussion


lol did the creators pay you to say that?


No. I just love the show.


I know, I know. I’m kidding huehuehue


You’ll love Ice Bear. He is love and life.


Just started watching black mirror I’m not blown away by it but I think I will keep watching it. It seems like the theme is extreme behaviour based around futuristic technology.


@scm97tl you have a typo in your profile. It’s “mice” not “mices” :wink:


Wich is the plural for “mice” in that case?


Mouse is singular and mice is plural.


Thanks. I have that mistake for weeks and I get informed until now. Silly, silly bruin :upside_down::bear:


I watched season one of black mirror it was decent enough.


Episode 4 of Westworld is out :smiley:.


I didn’t enjoy the last episode as much, hopefully this one is better.


Who’s watching The Walking Dead tonight? Or have done already?


Same here :smiley:. I thought this tv-serie was supposed to be a western tv-serie, but last episode was most about malfunction characters and about the peoples who made the world, i hope it will be more western stuff later.


Boi I can’t wait.


Huh, forgot about that. Thanks to illegal streaming sites totally legit watching methods, I’m gonna watch it right now :smiley:


I know right only the earlier seasons are on prime :sob::sob:.


Well it is and it isn’t it’s set in the future but the park is western themed. This means we are going to see both sides maybe you could watch hell on wheels or something?


You might end up disappointed then, I think the story will lead to the eventual fusion of the two worlds. I don’t see much point for the androids to keep doing western stuff once they realize they are playing a script.

Went out and bought snacks for this reason only but I’ll save it until evening, best time to watch TWD.


I agree, i just had wrong expectations, but it can be a lot more drama about the scientists who made this world later on, like who is messing with the characters? What will the guy who made the new story do after his story was rejected by Dr. Robert Ford? etc.

I did, i have watched 2 seasons of Hell on Wheels and i liked that tv-serie :smiley:.

Maybe and maybe not, it’s too early to say, just because i thought it would be something else, don’t mean i’m not going to like this serie for what it is :smiley:.