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Watching the man in the high castle season 2 now.

It’s a pretty grim show, always has been.

Edit: Finished watching it. It’s really an interesting show. In case you didn’t know it explores an alternate reality where the axis won WW2.


New tv mini serie is about to start :smiley::

8 episodes, first episode starts 7. january on HBO (nordic)

James Keziah Delaney returns to 1814 London after 10 years in Africa to discover that he has been left a mysterious legacy by his father. Driven to wage war on those who have wronged him, Delaney finds himself in a face-off against the East India Company, whilst playing a dangerous game between two warring nations, Britain and America.

Fargo season 3 is also starting this year, i don’t know when, but i’m looking forward to it :smiley:.


Watching The Man in the High Castle

I have always been very interested in WW2, especially The Nazi Regime and always thought about how different the world might have been if the allied lost. So a tv-show like this is just right up my ally.


I’m watching it right now myself. I find it really hard to cheer for any side, the trade minister being the most likable character thus far. It’s also interesting how a cold war between the emerging superpowers was inevitable regardless of who won. Can’t really wrap my head around the whole premise of the show but I’m not looking for an explanation outside the show, but I hope they will shed some light about the films origin this season.


Watching season 2 and it’s exploring the origins of the films. I really like the idea of the cold war still existing, the same stakes as that of our world. My favorit character is Obergrupperführer John Smith, very well acted and written character. It’s not like he’s a good person, but I like the idea he’s just another Nazi, but a farther and a husband.


Here in Norway on NRK (Norwegian State Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) started a new tv serie last night Valkyrien (2017) drama, two episodes was aired yesterday and it’s starting very good :smiley:.


Not sure if this is the right thread for this but i really loved ed edd n eddy. It was one of few cartoons i kept tuning in for even when i was “grew out of” cartoons. I remember hearing about the last episode and tuning in one last time. That show was a big part of my childhood.


I started watching “The Moaning of Life” this show is bloody brilliant.

Idiot Abroad was great, but I found Ricky Gervais a bit annoying. Fortunately Ricky Gervais isn’t involved with this, so it’s just Karl’s views on things. Absolutely hillarious.


Thanks to the Mrs. I started watching this with her.

It’s in all Spanish so I watch with subtitles. It is actually kinda teaching me Spanish. Sometimes throughout the day words I cannot pronounce but are spoken in the ‘Spanish’ accent pop up in my head. I checked and words like “Quiet” “What” and “Boss” are so far stuck in my head in Spanish.

My favorite part of the series is the woman playing the young Celia-she is an absolute stunner!

The show is really good and has me interested in Cuba in a whole new way. Of course I love that they don’t shy away from the colorism and flat out racism involved in colonized nations but that’s not the crutch of the show-and frankly I am surprised to see it even mentioned in a Spanish speaking production.

The show is based off the life of Celia Cruz, a woman I didn’t even know existed until this show. Again, great show-historical-real. A little over dramatic with the crying every 10 minutes and drama of some of the female characters…but I am told from my Caribbean wife that’s how Spanish Speaking soap operas are.


I know there are some Archer fans, it’s my favorite show next to Fargo.

Apparently, we’re going film noir this season.

Back to the forties! It’s unclear if this is a full-season arc, or just a few episodes. Considering Sterling was left [spoiler alert] floating face-down in a swimming pool at the end of last season, this could all just be a dream sequence. But who cares? It looks awesome!

“Slang for detective, so not an insult!”


New promo for Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul, has just surfaced. Features a familiar face.


I love Better Call Saul. The guy who played Trevor in GTA V (Steven Ogg) had a great cameo in it last year.


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I watched the Sherlock S4 finale last night. Good season but a bit too melodramatic for my taste and the sister plot had potential but ultimately fell flat.


Haven’t watched the finale yet but I have seen the rest, shame the seasons are so short as it’s a really good show. Have you seen elementary?


I haven’t, but it’s on my to-watch list (which, I’ll admit, has a lot of stuff on there huehue)


Short article and a trailer for a new Netflix series coming in a couple weeks. Timothy Olyphant stars.

In other news, we may see Harley Quinn introduced in Gotham by seasons end.


Does anyone here watch It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia? S12 came out in early January, and it’s really good. I watched 11 seasons of it in 3 weeks. It’s kind of a sitcom comedy kind of show. Would highly recommend it.


I never really got into zombie related stuff but it has good actors so I might try it. @theinternet11 I keep meaning to try it but I haven’t yet. Been watching Vikings again it’s pretty good but Ragnar died so now I’m wondering if it will go downhill.


AMC announced Better Call Saul season 3 will kick off Monday, April 10.


Oh cool! It’s a great tv serie :smiley:.