TV Show discussion


Looking forward to this but I feel like I have forgotten a lot of what went off in the first two!


I’ve really been enjoying Sneaky Pete, it’s an Amazon Prime series that just premiered, I’m up through Episode 4 and it’s pretty damn awesome. Showrunner is Graham Yost (from Justified) and co-creator is Bryan Cranston (who’s in full-on Al Pacino gangster mode).

It’s about a con man who gets out of prison and pretends to be someone else. Lots of Justified actors, including Mags Bennett from S2 and sniper Tim. Highly recommended, check it out if you’ve got Prime.

P.S. Sorry about the autoplay Better Call Saul video, I didn’t realize it did that., more like Edited the post, but the scene is still worth a watch.


I watched episode one of sneaky pets it’s pretty decent and I will continue watching it, I also started watching The 100. The 100 hasn’t wowed me but it’s worth watching I have watched four episodes so far and it’s kept my attention.


I finished watching it tonight, quite enjoyed it. If you like movies about con men (like House of Games) you’ll dig it. Can’t really see how they can pull off a second season though.


Dude I just wanna thank you for putting me onto Sneaky Pete. It’s awesome.


Just finished Sneaky Pete



It looks cool, 8,5 on IMDB. Bryan Cranston is a great actor, maybe i have to watch it on Amazon with english subtitle, i would like to have it on norwegian though.


I know I’m VERY late to the bandwagon but better late than never. I’m also no reviewer so I’m gonna keep this short.

I just finished Breaking Bad, best show I’ve ever watched, the character development of Walter White is incredible.


It’s never too late, a TV show is a TV show no matter how old it is :smiley:.

I agree Breaking Bad is awesome, to watch Walter White goes from a high school chemist teacher with lunge cancer to a ruthless drug kingpin was a lot of fun, the show was packed with dark humor which is my favorite humor :blush:.

Check out the spin off You Better Call Saul, it’s the same dark humor and the show is excellent :smiley:.


Sneaky pets is a good show, I have watched around six or seven episodes.


Since they put the viewer in the point of view of Walter White it didn’t occur to me how awful of a person Walter had become until the moment he died.

I still wouldn’t call him a bad guy, I mean that’s debatable. I think his intentions from the start were good but he was slowly but surely corrupted by the drug business because he could play by his rules, and not anyone else’s.

That’s just how I perceive his character though.

I also love how his new identity puts him in the state of New Hampshire, where I live :grinning:

But yeah, amazing show, all the characters felt like legitimate people.


I am just watching the last episode of season one of Sense8. I watched the first two episodes a while ago then never watched it again but I decided to watch it again from the start. I think it’s a really good series with good acting and as the series progresses some really nice character development along with great action.


Season 2 this year bby!

I started watching Legion. It’s pretty cool, a bit confusing perhaps though.


Haven’t heard of Legion, will give it a watch as I’m a massive x-men fan.


Saw the season finale of Timeless last night. I love that show! Yeah, I’m a sucker for time-travel and even though this show does crap that I believe to be physically impossible, I still enjoy it. :slight_smile:
The characters are well developed and their diversity creates interesting dynamics in varying era/locations.
Timeless is quite a bit predictable and cheesy but, for me, that’s part of the fun.


Anyone watched Freaks and Geeks? It’s basically the best thing ever. It only had one season between 1999/2000 and went largely ignored at the time, but it became a cult hit after a lot of the main cast got pretty famous later on. James Franco and Seth Rogen are both in it. I watched a few episodes back in 2010 or something but only recently saw the whole series - Really funny, well acted and charming. Also it’s very difficult not to have a huge crush on Linda Cardellini. 9.5/10.


Anyone else watch Colony? I started binge watching a few days ago. It’s great.


Rick Grimes former wife annoys the heck out of me. But Alien Invasion! That’s got me hooked already.

I’ve been watching Falling Skies, produced by good ol Spielberg. Lots of action and all sorts of extra terrestrial goodness. The cast is good with well written characters. I recommend it if youre into the genre.


An old show from long ago that I really liked. It only had 3 seasons and went from 06 to 09, but has anyone here ever watched ‘Kyle XY’ ?

I really liked it a lot. For a show on ABC Family, it was actually quite good. I remember watching it every single Monday night, every week after high school lol

Can’t believe that was 11 years ago. :dizzy_face:


Just wanted to thank you for the recommendation!

There are a few low points / bad acting parts which come off as cringe / funny, but hell it’s enjoyable.