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Hey @HHCHunter no problem :smiley: I’m glad you are enjoying the show. It’s a bit hammy in places but overall really entertaining.

I’ve finished the show now I’m getting through 'Aquarius ’ starring David Duchovny as a detective investigating Charles Manson.


Almost there bois


“I tried, really I did… :b:ut I’m :b:ack on my shit.”


Hoping they will release better promos. This one is very weak, especially compared to the ones from previous seasons


My favourite character got blown up in Wildfyre, RIP Margaery Tyrell. :frowning:


She got rekt so hard by Cersei, the one true queen. Long may she reign




Finished Falling Skies as recommendation from @tobiasrieper.48

Twas a hard slog getting through the later seasons, parts of it felt like filler. Some of the scenes I had to skip through due to b level acting and cringe compilation material.

I’d probably give a 7/10

it had bae starring in a major role. So that was redeeming.

I’m looking forward to watching this though.


What do you boys think of Trailer Park Boys? A Canadian show that’s always been great even after licensing to Netflix. They did a spinoff recently called Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park which takes them to Europe. The third episode takes them to Copenhagen. So far I’m not thrilled with the spin off (just started the third episode so thought I’d post and ask opinions) but am looking forward to watching season 11 of TPB itself. @Travis_IOI what’s your thoughts on the show? Curious if anyone at IOI is aware of it or the original series or the new Netflix licensed series (season).


Lmao. Just seeing now that Ricky ends up wearing a 10" strapon during this episode. Feel free to not respond @Travis_IOI. Probably bad for PR if you do lmfao.


Is the new season linked to anything from IOI?


No. Just thought it was cool they were in Copenhagen. Happy HMF birthday btw!


I like House. It’s a good show.


Given the abundance of weed references in this game and the previous one, it’s safe to assume at least some of the staff smoke weed and some probably enjoy Trailer Park Boys.


Better Call Saul Season 3 is finally here boyz. Who else here watches this show?


Hope the pace is a bit better this season.


I feel ya, man. I kinda do too. It is moving slow considering since the timeline takes place before Breaking Bad, during Breaking Bad, and after Breaking Bad. We are already in season 3 and it takes place only in year 2002-2003.


I do :smiley:, i haven’t started to watch season 3 episode 1 yet, because i will wait for couple more, so i don’t have to wait too long for the next episode :blush:.[quote=“Erico360, post:702, topic:105, full:true”]
Hope the pace is a bit better this season.

I read that this season it’s getting closer and closer to Breaking Bad, so i guess the pace is picking up?


I just found out like 10 mins ago about season 3 being out now. Now I’m all hyped. I might watch the episode from the AMC website in a few minutes.


I just read about season 3 now and i don’t want to say anything, but the clues is in your post here :smiley::