TV Show discussion


Love this show. Just watched 1st episode new season yesterday. Binged watched season 2 last week when Netflix released it to catch up.


Has anyone here been watching the Netflix Original The Get Down? Part 2 just came out, and I watched the entire thing. The show takes place in the late 1970s, with the evolution from disco to hip hop in New York. It’s really good, worth checking out.


Better Call Saul is fantastic. The pace is fine to me. It was always meant to be a slower, more methodical show—it makes sense, too, since this mostly deals with lawyers instead of meth.

Other stuff I’m watching—my girlfriend and I loved Daredevil last year, so we watched and loved Iron Fist recently, then we finished off Jessica Jones and now currently watching Luke Cage. All great shows, and I’m definitely looking forward to The Defenders and The Punisher.


Anyone here watch Broadchurch? The final season just wrapped up, and while the ending was a bit disappointing the series as a whole has been fantastic. If you want to watch a realistically raw depiction of tragedy, grief and criminal investigation then I cannot recommend Season 1 enough.


From this week’s Better Call Saul.


For all you X Files fans out there…

Loved the original run. S10 couldn’t keep my interest. I only watched 2 or 3 eps. But I’ll at least give S11 a look and hopefully it will recapture my attention.


Recently finished all 7 seasons of Archer on Netflix, in the past week. Really liked it, and I started season 8 which is currently on its third episode. Really liking Season 8, but I am really looking forward to how it’s going to end, with Archer waking up from his coma.


This is looking pretty cool.


I’m kinda over Marvel stuff for the time being, a bit too oversaturated.

Enjoying Better Call Saul s3 so far, though I do get distracted when Gus is onscreen. It’s a prequel but he looks so much older!!


I didn’t end up watching Jessica Jones or the Iron Fist, apparently they weren’t that great.

Hoping this one has more daredevil than the other plot-lines so to speak, sorta looks that way.

I couldn’t get back into Better Call Saul after Season 1, I watched a little of Season 2 but it felt paced badly and so I stopped watching. Maybe it got better after I stopped watching.


I love BCS, definitely getting my Breaking Bad fix with this season. I mean the deserts, the music, the overall mood, the direction, everything just screams Breaking Bad.


I feel traitorous but abandoned it after season 2 as well. I don’t know whats supposed to keep me interested. Seeing how Jimmy turned into Saul? Not very exciting.


I’m watching only Mike’s story, that’s it, so I dont’t know what is about Jimmy and his weird brother and this lawyer chick because I don’t care, whethewer they shows I just scroll up, I’m in 3 season and this is best so far, finally Gus showed up,
conflict with Hector Salamanca etc, things finally getting really better, actors though looks really old compared to BB


This is great spy series Cold War style :slight_smile:


Well, it’s really hard to look younger after years go by. lol. But yeah, I love season 3 so far. I find Jimmy’s story much more interesting than Walt’s story.


Its happening!!


I started watching “The Last Ship” it’s pretty low budget/quality, but plenty of meme potential.


Seems like Nacho is really fed up with Hector :smiley:


The worst part about this show is waiting a whole week for the next episode. Lol


I’m still super excited about the Mega City One TV series. So happy to have more Judge Dredd stuff to gawk at. Wonder if Karl Urban has any interest in playing Dredd again?