TV Show discussion


Fucken wew lad.


The Witcher AND Judge Dredd TV shows in development? Wew indeed.


I want Arnold to Stare as Geralt of Rivia and i also want him to play a Judge in Dredd. Actually i want Arnold to have part in every movie and tv-show.



20 characters


I have info that Adam Sandler will be starring as Geralt


I just want to drop in and say that Better Call Saul is fucking fantastic this season. It’s really becoming a top class show on its own and season 3 is easily the best so far. I can understand why you would think that season 1 and 2 is a bit slow, which it kind of is, but now it’s like season 3 is really becoming the climax of the building up on the story, characters and so on. The atmosphere this season has been pretty similar to Breaking Bad and a lot of the characters from that show is starting to appear a lot.

So, if you love Breaking Bad and gave up on BCS on season 1 or 2, then give it a go again.


Sooo… about Better Call Saul and 3x06, since Howard’s not going to tell you how much that Macallan costs, this website will. Asshole sure has a way of celebrating a failure.


Anyone seen the new Twin Peaks? I’m two episodes in and I am confused but intrigued.


I plan on watching it in the near future, but need to wrap some other shows up first.


I did, I’m watching 3 and 4 atm, makes no sense at all, it’s pretty irritating to be honest, but I’ll keep on going. I enjoyed the original, let’s see where this is headed.


I do miss the tone of the first two seasons, though I guess this is David Lynch going all-out with his weirdness.

Did you watch the original @Mads47?


Yeah, also planning on buying the original on blu-ray.


I’m getting frustrated with this season. There is a thin line between a mystery and unnecessary confusion, and the more I watch this stuff, the less there is of former and the more there is of latter. Pretty irritating.


Has anyone watched Curb your Enthusiasm?

Hoping it’s as good as a few YouTube clips i’ve seen.


No, but I love its theme, it’s the most sarcastic theme ever.


It’s coming.




Did anybody here watch the season finale of season 8 of Archer? I thought the finale of the season was ok, but was really sad that we have to wait another year to see if Archer wakes up from his coma from being shot by Veronica Dean, really hoped he would wake up on the finale.

The season was good, despite being 8 episodes. I think I liked Vice better, but that might be because it is set in the real world, rather than being set in a dream.


It’s one of the most cringe worthy, hilarious shows I’ve ever seen. Larry is just brilliant. Every episode has me in stitches you can’t help but feel for the guy. I was hoping there would be more.


Amen to that brother. Arnold is Numero Uno.