TV Show discussion


I watched the first episode last night, I couldn’t stop laughing haha

The “tent-pitching pants”


Wait till you see the one with the typo on the obituary. Hilarious. Glad you’re enjoying it.
Do you have any recommendations on Netflix series to watch just finishing Bates Motel.


Didn’t watch the trailer, don’t want spoilers, but i’m looking forward to a new season :smiley:.


One of the best comedy shows on TV!


It’s pretty good.
Prettyyy prettyyy prettyyyy prettyyy prettyyy prettyyy…
pretty good.

Since no one else did it… I’m so lame.

Since this is a discussion thread…
Or I’m just finding a reason to finally get this off my chest… :wink:
While I love improv TV shows like this and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” I absolutely hate it when actors give away that they’re improv-ing by responding to the other actors with things like:
“I don’t know what you’re talking about” or the shortened, “What are you talking about?”
“I don’t know what to say.”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re crazy!”
"That’s stupid!"
or repeating the other person’s line. :unamused:

Though, I always love the go to of calling Dee a bird. Gets me every time. Haha


Have you seen The Thick of It? Obviously it was scripted but has so much great improvisation in it.


Finished it today. Some frustrating moments but I thought every episode was better than the last one tbh


Really looking forward to the new Twin Peaks, it’s just a case of finding the right time to get stuck into it.

Persuaded wifey to watch the originals on DVD a few years ago, and while a touch dated I was stunned at how powerful a series it still was (having not watched it for 20-odd years).

I think this is a big factor as to why Curb can be an acquired taste: it lacks the rhythm associated with a lot of mainstream comedy due to the improvisation, so many won’t click with it due to it not staying ‘on-beat’.

Personally, I kind of love the scenes which don’t hit; it’s that light and shade which makes the scenes that do hit even more golden. So many classics, but the doctor/dentist and children’s party episodes immediately spring to mind, and are amazing. :joy:


Currently on my 4th or 5th binge of Parks and Recreation…lol :blush:


I’m on my 7th or 8th binge of “The Office.”


Haha I just finished that series again recently hahaha


Anyone here likes cartoons? I just got into Gravity Falls and it’s damn great. It’s like Stranger Things gone PG-7. I recommend it all the way.


Yeah man Gravity Falls is great, I need to catch up cause I haven’t seen it since season 1 ended. Didn’t realize it was only one more season after that. Did they cancel or finish it?

Same with Regular Show. I need to get myself some pizza and binge watch all the episodes I missed out on for old time’s sake.


I initially turned my nose up at “Parks” when it premiered 'cause I thought it was just a lame ripoff of “The Office”. Thankfully I gave it another go on Netflix. Ironically, I’m enjoying it more than some of the episodes in the last (two?) seasons of “The Office”. (It took me a couple of years to even watch those since the series kinda died for me after Michael left.)


Ya when Andy was the boss and they had Sabre it kinda messed things up. I remember I didn’t like the first episode of Parks and Recreation and didn’t watch it for a while either hahaha but it’s so funny. The best part is them ripping on Jerry, tho it is a complete rip off of Michael bagging on Toby from HR in The Office. Near the end of the series for Parks and Rec it starts to get weird tho

When they fast forward into the future…


It’s finished. The creator said in some interview that it was a planned and finished story that he wanted to tell since the beginning. I’m currently at 1x10 and loving it, all the cryptograms, secrets and everything.


Just finished the first season, I’ve been binging it like crazy. Super stoked for season 2, so much more to this show than it appears at first! Totally in love with this thing.



Funny that we were talking about Gravity Falls on a Hitman forum and there’s actually Ave Maria in that show.


Just started to watch this TV-show :smiley:

After 2 episodes i’m hooked :smiley:, in lack of better words. this show is f… up and i like it :blush:.

Dark humor, violence this TV-show has it all.


Late to the show here. Still catching up on other series to start another new season but we’re definitely looking forward to this. On another note anyone check out Santa Clarita Diet? Love Timothy Olyphant since back in the day in Go, The Girl Next Door, Deadwood, Justified,…Hitman. Nice to see him in a comedic role!