TV Show discussion


Fuckin love American Gods. Ian McShane is a genius!


I’ve been watching this for a while now, watched episode 8 a few days ago. It’s pretty good, would recommend.


Something drew me to stop watching every single show that I used to watch.

The only one that I regret sometimes is the blacklist.


If you haven’t watched The Wire, what’s wrong with you?


…“Fiber” Wire??


Good news for us who love Better Call Saul :smiley:.


Finished up the latest season of

‘House of Cards’

While I do think this is the weakest season yet-it was still really enjoyable and It really felt like life was imitating art, as they say.

How come no one ever says “bye” on the phone.


Those first seasons were so awesome


Watching Ray Donovan, I should have started watching this earlier. It’s pretty good.


Acting is awesome on that show.


Edit: More details.


Any fans of Doctor Who on here? The BBC has announced that the 13th Doctor is to be announced after the Wimbledon final on Sunday. Lots of speculation on whether this will be the big plunge on a female Doctor.


Breaking Bad is the most impressive TV show since the beginning of TV shows. It’s a filmmaking masterpiece, every aspect of the filmmaking process is at it’s top level and thought remains simple it’s astonishing . :heart_eyes:


I just finished the third season. Very intriguing and funny


Been watching Fargo lately. Just started season 3. Really good. Want to start watching Mr Robot too, seems interesting.


I’ve watched it and didn’t have the insight to understand why it’s the best show in the fucking world. Same with Sopranos


A recap. Every battle. Every moment. Every episode.


Just started rewatching Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse.

I had forgotten just how much I like this show in terms of the world building and premise.
It really is a shame it got cancelled after only two seasons. Sure, it has a few dud episodes, but when it gets good… it gets great.

The season 1 finale blew my mind first time I saw it.


Fucking Game of Thrones tonight boysssss



That was a suprisingly good show. I saw the first ep or 2 when it originally aired then finally came back to it a couple years ago on Netflix and ended up binge watching. Poor Joss Whedon. He is a master with tv but somehow seems to get cancelled so early with some of his stuff.

Wish Dollhouse lasted longer. Wanted to see more of Sierra’s story develop. As well as Echo’s relationship with her.