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Doctor Who’s 13th Doctor is to be a woman, Jodie Whittaker. I have no idea who she is, but I hope she is a good fit for the role. Who fandom is having a bit of a split right now, some over the moon, other’s saying it is the end of the road for them. I guess all we can do is wait until next year when Series 11 starts.


I think everyone who seems so outraged that she is a woman is far too focused on political correctness. Is there anything in Doctor Who canon which says that The Doctor can not be a female? Why did people think that Doctor Who was going to always be portrayed by a man?

People need to grow up. Those who feel this has ruined the television series before series 11 has even aired are fucking idiots. Unfortunately every weak aspect of the new series will boil down to the sex of protagonist in the eyes of the Daily Mail and those who feel their childhoods have been destroyed. I watched the last episode of the last series with my dad yesterday and it was the only episode I have seen of it. I enjoyed it a lot but dad said that much of the series seemed to be lacking. That wasn’t necessarily down to Capaldi who we know is an incredibly talented actor but in fact the entire team behind the show, including primarily the scriptwriters.

Jodie should be given a chance. I have only seen her act in Broadchurch but this will present a completely new challenge for her and I wish her the best.


Mr. Robot was pretty dissapointing to me.I didn’t watch much of it because I stopped after first 3 or 4 episodes but it seemed pretty cheesy in a way.The main character I mean and the way his depression,social anxiety is presented.

Not fan of the the way it’s directed either.


Worth noting that Steven Moffat, showrunner of Doctor Who since 2010 is leaving with Peter Capaldi, with Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall taking over, so behind the scenes as well, the show is going to get a good rehaul. I agree with your dad, I think the show lately has been lacking, and I have faith in Whittaker and Chibnall to really give the show a bit of a freshen up in my opinion.


Kinda bummed the upcoming “Star Trek: Discovery” tv series will not be streamed on Netfix here in North America but will in 180 other countries. If you live in the US or Canada you have to subscribe to “CBS All Access”, yet ANOTHER new streaming service.

With all these new streaming options popping up, one has to subscribe to multiple services to watch the programs they want, making it just as expensive as paying for cable. It’s completely defeating the purpose of their existance. The industry is literally destroying itself by it’s own hand. It’s getting to the point that people will be driven back to just getting cable and DVR their stuff.


Other means.

Like HBO Stuff not being on Netflix, that’s annoying.


I just finished Stranger Things, I loved it. Can’t wait until Season 2.


When in doubt, watch The Office.


I would go for Breaking Bad :smiley:.


I just finished watching Breaking Bad. I love it. And I cryed in some scenes (I don’t say which scenes to avoid spoilers).


Watch Better Call Saul now


Van Helsing tv series just popped on Netflix (US). Interested to hear anyone’s opinion on it if you’ve seen it. I believe it’s female-centeric (which I love) but have very little time during summer months to watch tv.

Is it “que-worthy?”


A awesome TV serie, as good as Breaking Bad imo :smiley:.


It’s pretty good, I’d recommend it for something to waste time for sure.
Think I stopped watching around the 8th or 9th episode due to losing interest and watching other stuff.


Ah, thanks. I’ll add it to my list. I tend to really be drawn to tv/movies with strong female leads for some odd reason. Even prefer to play video games as a female character when that’s an option. No gender identity issues btw, just something about seeing a girl kickin ass.


If you haven’t already, do watch Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.


Though it is a bit dated in terms of production (it’s made for TV in the early 80s) and might be a bit basic in science content as well, I definitely recommend the original Cosmos as well.


Yes, I concur. Both are extremely well presented and informative.


Just saw the first episode of the Ducktales reboot. I grew up with and loved the original series.

I am not a huge fan of the animation for the reboot, but the first episode was quite good. Funny, entertaining, and well written. It’s not exactly the same as the original in terms of the sense of, for instance, comedy (in fact I’d say the comedy is more “edgy” for a lack of a better word), but I suspect that’s a good thing.

Looking forward to new episodes.


That seems interesting, might check it out one day. Thanks, Kent!