TV Show discussion


So, over the past few months I’ve dipped into a few shows I’ve been hoping to watch for a while now.

Rick and Morty: Potentially the best animated series I’ve seen, well written and hillarious. A perfectly-crafted orgasm of creativity. Surprises you every time. 10/10
Ozark: Great premise, stellar performances from Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. Feels a bit too far fetched at times, and is obviously treading carefully around Breaking Bad. 7/10
The Crown: Another one of those shows that’s all about the performances, and Claire Foy nails it. Has an interesting Downton Abbey vibe about it, though it doesn’t quite reach it’s levels. Could be less soapy. 8/10
F is For Family: A refreshing animation with quite a lot of honesty about family life in it, even though it’s often exaggerated to humorous effect. Definitely underrated. 8/10


Watched Ozark last week. It’s pretty good. I’d say it’s better than breaking bad, definitely interested in a potential second season.

Also started watching Season 2 of Rick and Morty yesterday (About time right?)

Bill Burr the creator is the GOAT comic.


Wish granted. Just ran across this.


I’ve been watching a lot of The Office (US) lately, just started season 7.

I also randomly just stopped watching Breaking Bad, I just finished season 4 for that show.


Has anyone watched the HBO series Rome?


Yes wish it was longer. I loved it.


Breaking Bad is the greatest show I’ll never watch. I saw the first season and loved it! And as I started watching the second season, I quickly caught on to the formula. I understand it’s about the degradation of Walt, but I just lost interest when I was like “I get it, he becomes an asshole.”

Still, a fantastic show! It deserves all its praise and awards!

And Better Call Saul is right up my alley!



Haha, I joke, but did I love The Crown. Thought it was excellent. In my opinion it’s far superior to Downton Abbey.


I might need to revise this opinion once Better Call Saul is finished, but in some ways I actually think it is surpassing Breaking Bad.


I personally feel that Saul’s character is more complex and vastly more likable.


I’m on season 5, I wouldn’t say he becomes an asshole, but he goes a little mad/crazy in some scenes. He still cares for his family and such, but you really can see his guilt of making meth.

I also really like Saul and Mike, which is why I’m looking forward to watching Better Call Saul.


Yeah, he has a-hole moments, but the character is so compelling and can’t be nailed down in black and white as a good guy or bad guy. If it was a cop show, he would clearly be an amazing villain. But because the show is about him, and so masterfully done, you get to see and feel all of his motivations, internal conflicts, everything that shapes his decisions and actions, molding who he is.

Ultimately, he is not the bad guy you love to hate. But rather the bad guy you love to love.

I find it mind boggling that someone could watch 1+ seasons of this and walk away - not be absolutely compelled to watch episode after episode while completely foregoing sleep, food and social commitments.

You @DapperDan, are a total enigma to me :smile: (meant with love and lightheartedness, not mean and snarky :thumbsup:.


I agree, did you hear the theory about the episode “Fly” in Season 3? About how it’s a meaning for Walt’s guilt and anxiety? It also kind of shows the relationship that Jesse and Walt have. I feel like the fly in the episode kind of shows a turning point for Walt’s life in terms of being a drug manufacturer.


Maybe if it had Maggie Smith in it.


Good news for Curb Your Enthusiasm fans. It’s coming back!


Another resurrection? So… Prison Break, X-Files, Twin Peaks… so far none of these comebacks were any good, hope CYE will break the cycle.


Now where are the brand new episodes of Seinfeld?


It’s not really a resurrection. Just a delayed start to season 9.


After 6 years? Calling it a delay is kind of a stretch, but ok.


“Will & Grace” getting revived as well if anyone’s old enough to remember that one. I wasn’t much into it but Debra Messing is gorgeous and Megan Mullally is freakin funny as hell.