TV Show discussion


Well it’s officially called a “hiatus”—which wasn’t the case with those other shows. Those were considered done. CYE was delayed for so long because Larry David wanted to do some other stuff, like Clear History, which is basically CYE, as well as a Broadway play.


Okay inbetween absences from HMF.

My current series are unsurprisingly Rick & Morty and Game of Thrones

Rick and Morty

@KrugerSchmidts and @MadMax recommended the show to me. Though I like animated shows, the overall artstyle didn’t appeal to me. Still I decided to give it a try.

It’s mint.

Few shows can be dumb, funny and very smart at the same time. It’s dark comedy done right.

Game of Thrones

Reason I’m still watching is simple.

Political intrigue and dragons done right



I binged on The Defenders over the weekend. It’s getting a mixed bag of reviews, but I liked it. Was about 7 hours worth, and in truth, it could have been more quite easily, it wasn’t stale or boring at any point in time. Overall it’s worth a shot!


I still need to finish Luke Cage. Excited for Defenders and Punisher.


I’m super hyped for Punisher!




I’m waiting this series. I loved Joe Bernthal’s Punisher in Daredevil. He was awesome


Just finished Bojack Horseman season 4 on Netflix. I binged watched it in a day, and I thought it was a really good season, great ending. Probably my favorite season of the show.


10 months ago, I started watching Dragon Ball after loving the Dragon Ball Abridged series by Team Four Star. Today, I just finished Dragon Ball Z. I do think the last saga of DBZ, the one about Majin Buu was a bit weaker than the sagas about Frieza and the Androids, but I do think it was a great show. Going to start watching the infamous Dragon Ball GT next.

A bit bummed Dragon Ball Super is not available in the UK sadly, and you can’t even stream the Japanese episodes via Crunchy Roll in this country either. Just going to have to wait I guess til they get a DVD release.


Don’t do it! It’s pure shit.


Ha! Well I’ve already bought it so I don’t really have an option. Besides, everyone shits on GT so much I just have to see how bad it is. And it is only 64 episodes + 1 special, and I’ve already watched about 450 episodes of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.


I just finished Breaking Bad. The last episodes were insane, what an awesome show. What an ending as well.


You should start to watch Better Call Saul next, it’s as good as Breaking Bad :smiley:.


Yeah, I’m planning on watching that soon or next. I really like Saul’s character in Breaking Bad, as well as Mike. Mike is probably my favorite character in Breaking Bad.

Also I bet you can really expand on Saul’s character before he met Walt.


Following Saul and his brother is awesome, not to spoil too much, but Mike will turn up in Better Call Saul and some other characters from Breaking Bad, it is a bit slow start, but far from boring, but in season 3 things are really starting to take off.



Oh no this fictional TV show isn’t realistic


Did you even watch the video?


I think @MadMax posted it, because the final episode with the M60 is plausible, so it was somewhat realistic.