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All I need now is a damn release date so I can plan my vacation for bench watching. Really hoping it’s not going be “Surprise! It’s already out!”


Rumors are November. It seems October is officially out since it’s it’s not listed in the October release schedule.


I just started watching Boardwalk Empire.


Rewatching one of my favourite shows – Boston Legal just now. They would’ve had a field day with Trump.


One of the few good things about right wing demagogues - A lot of great punk music and political comedy is made in response to them. Too much material to work with


Denny Crane is Donald Trump.


In a very sue-happy country where people and businesses seem to take legal action over the silliest of things, demanding huge sums of compensation, this was a very refreshing and rather entertaining story.

Fans of “Stranger Things” should appreciate this one.


It’s baffling that corporations like Netflix would actually do something this cool.image


Punisher is my most favourite character, but… where his famous italian haircut with gel on it???


Like I’ve said earlier, I’ve basically been marathoning Dragon Ball, and currently a third of the way through GT. I’m in the UK though, and some Dragon Ball stuff isn’t really available, such as any of the movies bar the 2 recent ones, as well as Super not airing here, and only just being put on Crunchyroll UK a couple months ago.

However, it has been announced that the Dragon Ball Z movie Blu-Rays are coming to the UK now, and Blu-Rays of Dragon Ball Super are going to start coming too with both the dub and sub.


Just saw the first three episodes of “The Orville” a live action Star Trek spoof headlined by Seth McFarlane.

To be frank I didn’t expect it to be good, but so far I’ve really liked it.

The main premises of the episodes so far have all been the type I would expect to see in a legit old school Star Trek series. It especially reminds me of TNG in a good way. Maybe this isn’t surprising since McFarlane is such a huge fan of Star Trek. He’s really tapped into the soul of the source material.
The third episode especially, touches on a lot of current day issues in a way which doesn’t come off as preachy.

Really, it’s so light on the jokey-jokes (Star Trek has always had humor, but I’m talking about the comedy/spoof stuff) that it almost could just be a straight up Star Trek series with very few adjustments. It doesn’t have anywhere near the same type of budget as Discovery though, and it shows.


So, I finished Dragon Ball GT, meaning I’ve basically finished my marathon of watching Dragon Ball through Z through GT, and it just took me a year to do. Really fun ride. I then watched Battle of Gods and Resurrection “F”, the former being great and the latter being still good but not as great.

I plan to subscribe to Crunchyroll and start watching Dragon Ball Super, but oddly enough, October really seems to be the month where all my shows are either on or about to come on, with The Crystal Maze, Red Dwarf, Thunderbirds Are Go, Robot Wars and The Walking Dead.

I actually still have Season 7 to watch of The Walking Dead still on my Sky box, so I think I’m going to watch that over the next couple weeks to be ready for when Season 8 premieres on October 23rd in the UK.


Recently binged on The Good Place. This is such a breath of fresh air. While the whole premise is completely ridiculous at first, it works so well. Kirsten Bell and Ted Danson play off each other in a genuinely entertaining way, while the rest of the cast intensify that chemistry.

What I like most about it though, is that it’s not a surface-level comedy reliant on cheap gags, there’s a deeper meaning to this that doesn’t feel like a whimsical take on the afterlife. Characters grow and develop, and it’s the most unique take on mortality I’ve seen. The limitless boundaries of the setting also means there’s tons of unpredictability which can set this show on any trajectory the writers want it to.

I’ve had a lot of fun with the first season, and the second is off to a great start. Go see it if you can!


Anyone watched Black Mirror? It’s a British tv series which depicts in an exaggerated way various aspects of our daily life, the social media and technology. The tone of the series is pretty dark but the stories are quite captivating in the way they present different things which seem harmless now but could quickly get out of hand if they’re not kept in check.


Loved Black Mirror. Good stuff. Waiting for season 4.
Its based around Absurdist understanding without the moral bias. Mostly on choice and consequence in a alternative setting.


There are also supposed to be numerous easter eggs nodding to episodes from previous seasons. Looking forward to S4 as well.


Nov 17


Wonderful! I can’t wait for this series!


I’m planning on bench watching it!


Unrealistic expectation (because it rarely happens with trailer music), but I hope they get Metallica in the series somehow