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Anyone else looking forward to Stranger Things tomorrow? :D




I’m very much looking forward to it! but i won’t begin tomorrow sadly :frowning: Going to watch it with my girlfriend, but we are also caught up in a couple of other tv-shows that we need finish. Season 1 was amazing and a nice nod towards old school movies and the generel felling you got from them.

Why do you even bother to reply at all, it adds nothing to the discussion.


Just finished all of Stranger Things 2. It was much more complex then season 1, but had the same feel of Stranger Things 1. Easily the best part of the season was seeing the characters develop, like Will or Eleven.

Overall it was top notch, some of the scenes were intense/awesome.


Vikings is an epic show!

This post is a forum essay (if you will) of Ragar’s character and his true motivations and realisations through the current series (Nov, 2017).


I’ve been watching this TV show the last few weeks leading up to the twenty episode release of Season 5 (coming out late November '17).

Since I’ve been watching it (for the second time), I cannot help but recollect key scenes that directly shape the character of Ragnar Lothbrok and reveal what his true motivations are throughout the series.

He starts out as a simple Viking farmer, with unique navigational intel to sail west and plunder. His Jarl has traditionally dictated an annual raid east and dismisses Ragnar’s ambitions to sail west as nonsensical based on the lack of geographical proof. Ragnar plots with his friend and confidant the boat builder Floki, and manipulates a raid west to the English kingdom of Northumbria. He later returns with Holy treasures after raiding the monastery of Lindisfarne, dismisses his Jarl as a fool, and relishes in the riches of his raids (even symbolically challenging the authority and rule of his rightful Jarl (see 3:08 to 3:17 of this clip):

Ragnar later claims, during a raiding campaign in Francia, to only have usurped the Crown of Norway from other Vikings simply due to the actions of others - even though he hinted earlier to wanting to rule with his selection of a crown-like piece of his Jarl’s plunder.

Watch 00:27 to 00:47 of:

The greatest emotional challenge Ragnar is faced with as Jarl is when his ex-wife Lagertha decides to leave him because of his impregnated fling (Aslaug), an adolescent Bjorn is torn between his mother and father. This emotionally charged scene shows Bjorn departing with Lagetha (see between 1:38 and 2:11):

This next scene demonstrates the sincere, deep and unique love Ragnar holds for his only daughter Gyda (by Lagetha), tragically taken by illness while he was raiding:

(Watch 1:07 to 2:00):

Later, when Ragnar and his horde are sailing down the Seine to pursue their first conquest of Paris, Ragnar has a deeply revealing recollection of being back on his humble farm with his first wife and children (even with the priest Athelstan), after his first raid - living the simple life.

See 00:55 to 1:36:

It shows his desire to return to the simple life, before status and material wealth had taken hold (the white horse representing liberty).

In his last conversation with Lagertha, Ragnar reveals his revelation of regretfully wishing he had never left their humble family farm to chase his aspirations of fame and glory. Lagertha re-iterates this regretful notion with a haunting final kiss.

See 1:07 to 2:19.

I feel this is an important allegory to this series that some may not pick up on.

Further Spoiler

Ragnar truly valued his close-knit family abode within the realm of his farm, above that he did achieving the rank of ‘King’.

Looking forward to Season 5 :wink:


So I just finished How I Met Your Mother and I have to be honest I don’t quite understand the hate this series got for the last episode.


How does season 3 of Fargo compare to the first two, for those who seen it? I loved the first two, but heard the third is pretty meh and don’t want to waste time on it if that’s the case. Would appreciate some info.


I liked season 3 better than season 2, the story is awesome and the two brothers are well played and with the same actor :grinning:.
I didn’t find it meh at all.


Wasn’t a waste of time at all. It had a slow start but it gets good after a while. I thought it was better than season 2.


Today The Punisher arrives on Netflix and the bigger mafia boss of italian history dies. I have a suspicion the two events are linked :joy:


Finished watching Punisher season 1 last night and here’s my review. Short answer - Not what I was expecting but not in a bad way and still pretty good. It’s my favorite of the Netflix Marvel shows so far. Now for the longer review. Spoilers may follow.

Jon Bernthal fucking kills it as Frank castle. :grin: If you loved him in Daredevil, which of course you did, you’ll love him even more in his own show. He really brings his character to life. The overall plot is related his past in the military and war crimes carried out by Frank under the orders of William Rawlins. Fans of the MAX series should be familiar with this villain. This is a different interpretation from the comics and while the actor playing him does a fine job, overall I liked the comic book version better. Another villain who gets a brand new make over is Billy Russo AKA Jigsaw. In this version he’s a fellow soldier and best friend of Frank. Now…I’ve never been a fan of Jigsaw, like ever. So I didn’t really mind these changes made to him and it turns out, it was for the better IMO. I like this interpretation of him the best. FYI, he’s Billy Russo through out the whole season. It’s not until the last episode that he gets his face fucked up but I didn’t have a problem with it to be honest, so he’ll become Jigsaw in a future season. I’m looking forward to seeing him return but not as the villain for the next season. I want to see other villains get there turn to shine like Nicky Cavella, Bushwhacker, The Slavers, and Barracuda, not necessarily in that order.

One of the themes the show tackles is soldiers suffering PTSD and plays it out amazingly and tragically. The cast really does a great job. I also enjoyed Frank’s relationship with those closest to him with the love/hate friendship he has with Micro being the best.


I tried to watch this as well, but gave up during the first episode, also started to watch Mudbound from Netflix, but i didn’t like that either, Netflix is spewing out tv shows and movies and i haven’t liked any of them, so i’m staying away from Netflix productions from now on :flushed:.


What about Okja? I haven’t been big on that many Netflix originals myself, but I thought that movie was really great.


Had to do a Google search on that one, i haven’t watched Okja, it’s just not a type of movie for my taste or interest.


Well maybe check it out, it’s weird and made me feel emotions and stuff.


The 1st episode is a bit slow but towards the end it gives you a huge payoff. It’s a pretty good show honestly but it has its slow moments.


Yeah, but i didn’t like the acting, it was a bit b-movie acting for me, the story about the punisher is cool enough though.


I liked this one better:




Yeah some actors in the 1st episode did,definitely not John Bernthal though!
I think it’ll get better the more the story progresses,but if you don’t like it it’s cool,a lot of people love Daredevil but it bores me outta my mind!


Yeah Deborah Ann Woll ruins it for me, she’s not the greatest actor imo.


Stranger Things is really awesome but it was over all too quickly :frowning: Apart from my usual Walking Dead viewing I really enjoyed Ozark, The first 3 seasons of NARCOs and currently we are on Season 2 of American Horror Story. All available on Netflix. When they killed off Pablo I lost interest in the series as he was my fav character in NARCOS.