TV Show discussion


I turned off when these two came into the picture, the scene from the police office was a bit cliche and i my opinion a bit silly :flushed:



To each’s own. They weren’t a highlight but I didn’t have a problem with them either.


It’s not too much their fault as it’s their scripts,they had some reaaally cheesy lines in the pilot of the series. It gets better though thankfully.


Hahaha, yeah, i was like “what the h***…? I can’t watch this, it’s just…” and turned it off and turned on my PS4 instead and never looked back :joy:.

Agree, i have watched soo many tv shows and movies in my life that finding someting that isn’t cliche is getting harder and harder and i’m getting more and more picky as well :flushed:.


:smile: I never really liked him either. Only reason I watched both seasons was for Kingpin and Punisher.


So I’ve started watching Star Trek: Discovery. I didn’t have high expectations, but so far I’m enjoying it’s premise and the focus on the origins of the Federation’s war with the Klingons, which carries into the other series. Part of me feels this could’ve been way more intriguing if we only focused on the Klingon perspective, however I like how it gives them generous amounts of air time.

Yet, most of the time I’m finding all the characters except Michael more interesting than her, and I don’t find her particularly compelling. She’s pretty boring TBH, and I’d wish her character would develop into something more interesting. Overall, still a very watchable show thus far.


People at work have been talking about this series. Would this be a good point to get into Star Trek?


I’d think so. I’ve only seen the first two seasons of Next Generation, so any series would be a good one to start off with.


I have to say, Peaky Blinders is one of the best shows I watched. I finished 3 seasons in 3 days and waiting for the new episodes of the fourth season.

Plot is about Birmingham (England) gang from the 1920s.


I’ve just started watching this and can’t stop, it’s brilliant. Top notch acting, visuals and score. Ridley Scott directs this show about what would happen if the Axis had won WW2. It’s set in a 1960s America. The US is split into 3, Imperial Japan, The Reich and there’s the Neutral Zone. The plot revolves around these films that are being distributed that shows a different world and the US resistance against occupation. Kinda like Wolfenstein , If you dig Alternative history / parallel universes you’ll love this. You can watch free if you get a trial of Prime :smiley:


Anyone watching Thunderbirds are Go? It’s a family show about a team of brothers, as well as some other people using their Thunderbird craft to save people in the future. Like Thunderbird 1 is a super fast emergency responder, TB2 is a cargo ship, TB3 is a spaceship, TB4 is a submarine, TB5 is a space station and Thunderbird Shadow which is a defensive ship.

I really like the show, it’s based on the original puppet show by Gerry Anderson from 50 years ago, and this CGI take which uses models as well I think is a really good modern remake. It’s basically an action show but unlike so many, is about thrilling rescue scenarios on land, air, space and sea, but also has some villians that show up occasionally to mix things up.

I thought it was interesting to talk about because it has been announced that ITV have decided not to broadcast an episode, where the plot is about the world’s tallest skyscraper catches fire. They’ve decided this because of the Greenfell tower disaster, and as such, you can only buy the episode on Amazon, or wait for the DVD release.

Any thoughts on this? I think it was the right move personally, especially for a kid’s show, but at times it does feel like people can get a bit too reactionary. I know Doctor Who cut out a beheading scene from an episode about Robin Hood because it aired just a little while after ISIS executed someone.


Just finished Horace and Pete. I tend to not say anything about the movies I watch on here, because I like for people to know nothing about something great before going into it. No exception here, just go and watch Horace and Pete because it’s a masterpiece. You can get it directly from Louis CK’s website, he went into debt making this show and this is the best way to support him.



Another good source for inside info on H&P, Maron interviews Louis on episode 700 of his WTF podcast.


For anyone who likes crime drama series there’s a French drama called Witnesses which is pretty cool. I’m watching it on BBC iPlayer but I would imagine it is available elsewhere. My parents are very much into the many Norwegian crime dramas on BBC 4 and recommended it to me.


I am watching Marvel’s Daredevil and Punisher. Both very awesome, great choice of actors, great story, and very good connection between the two. I still did not watch Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, but I am planning.


After watching all of Dragon Ball, Z and GT a while back, I’ve now finally started watching Super. It’s pretty good I think, I think the show looks wonderful with the very bright colour pallette. I am eager to get past the retellings of Battle of Gods and Resurrection “F” to see what the original sagas are like.

I need a Dragon Ball fix right now because I’m getting very hyped for the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ.



Lmao Walking Dead ratings plummet spectacularly. The show is down to it’s season 2 low, where the viewers were tired of the farm story arc and the show was just starting to build up momentum.


Just finished binging on season 1 of the new Netflix series Altered Carbon. It’s a cyber punkstory (based on a novel) with a lot of visuals remeniscent of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell.

The story is set in a future where every human carries an implant called a stack, which basically backs up their consciousness. Unless the stack is destroyed, you can always have your stack placed in a replacement body (called a “sleeve”).
This technology has opened up for rich people living forever, and poor people being tortured/murdered/raped for money (only to be put into another body) by said rich people.
The technology has fundamentally changed the worlds (humans have travelled to the stars).

The story centers around Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman), who is brought in to solve a murder mystery, and it quickly goes nutsoid with action, drama, twists and turns, and just general awesomeness.

The series is visually stunning, both in design and effects. It looks exactly like what I’d want out of a cyberpunk series, no compromises.

I really loved this show and can’t recommend it enough to people who like scifi, cyberpunk or Blade Runner.

Already can’t wait for season 2 (there are multiple novels to draw from).


Someone was just recommending that to me at work last night. should check it out.

Over the past couple days I watched Stranger Things 2 and The End of the Fucking World. Stranger Things’ second season was overall pretty good, succeeded in being different from the first while still being interesting throughout. Episode 7 was kind of terrible though, and some decisions made by certain characters (cough Dustin) were beyond stupid. But I liked it, looking forward to seeing what happens next.

The End of the Fucking World was lovely, I watched the trailer and put off watching this because I hated how much I thought I was going to like it (I used to be a super edgelord wanabe-psycho kind of like one of the main characters James, related a little too much in certain ways). It’s just a really great love story, drags a bit leading into the finale and suffers from a terrible b-plot involving cops at a certain point but overall I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who likes dark comedy.