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I had this one on my calendar and was pumped when I seen the notification.

Still haven’t finished, about 7 episodes in.

One thing I’m disappointed in is that they haven’t really explained the back story for the stack technology, other than a certain person who made it and that it’s made of some metal.


I recently finished Babylon Berlin, which is a popular TV show from Germany that got ported to Netflix. It’s a detective like show about a major political conspiracy, set in post WW1 Berlin. It’s also all in German, I would highly recommend it.

I also binged watched Community in about a week, and really liked it. Despite the last seasons not being as good as the earlier ones, it was still pretty good.


It is implied that the technology is of alien origin. Not sure if it’s before episode 8 or not though.
In general there’s subtle world building going on all over the place through slight nods in dialog and whatnot. A lot is left to be imagined (and potentially expanded upon later), which I really like.


Ended up finishing it today.

I would have liked a less “eh” ending with the whole crazy sister plot
However I did like in the final episode there was the alien fossil. Hopefully there’s some more backstory of that to come yet. Especially with the last episode ending with Tak going looking for her

Sorta half explains things and it looks like there will be more explanation, but eh reasonably okay to watch.


Anyone else watching Westworld Season 2?


Still gotta watch S1.

So many shows such little time


Yeap. First episode of the season was ace. Looking forward to seeing the rest.


I finally finished the final (currently available) series of Peaky Blinders, and holy fucking shit was it great. I’m still kind of irked about Alfie Solomons’ alleged death. He was easily the best character in the show, and now that he’s (supposedly) gone, I feel as if the show is kind of incomplete. Although, with series 5 coming next year, I’m hoping they’ll find a way to bring that magnificent bastard back.


I’ve had my eye on this and was wondering if it was any good. Your review has persuaded me. Thanks.


Recently got into watching Westworld. It takes a while for the story to be set up, but not since Breaking Bad have I found something on TV which has engrossed me with it’s addictive labyrinthine plot and characters.

The relatively simple premise which Michael Crichton came up with in the 1973 film version continues to be explored here, and it gives the audience a lot to chew over. It’s not merely robots malfunctioning, but an insight into the nature of the human mind and the exploration of moral and ethical challenges we may be faced with as technology evolves. In many ways, this show is a more ‘adult’ version of Jurassic Park, which devolves quickly into blockbuster territory, while Westworld takes it’s time and rewards viewers for watching. I’m frequently reminded of Alex Garland’s Ex Machina, which almost feels like a prequel.

There remains a risk the show may become too preachy and pretentious over time as it reiterates Crichton’s views on technology, yet there’s a lot of room here for the narrative to grow – and it’s truly thrilling and engaging. It’s worth watching for the plot twists alone, which move beyond Crichton’s trademark themes and keep the ride steady.

With season 2 already hooking me in, the directions the show can go in are as numerous as the possibilities the creators of the theme park envisioned, and there’s always a lot beneath the surface to explore.

So yeah… Great series, check it out.


Just finished watching first season of True Detective.
I expected a little bit more after what I’ve read about it on the internet but it was still pretty good in terms of characters,some interesting dialogue in it…

I expected more from the plot I guess.I didn’t like how it only had 8 episodes,I feel like it was a bit short and it ended too quickly.


Better Call Saul season 4 is on its way!

Aug. 6 is looking like the premiere date.


Cool! I miss this tv series, in my opinion it’s as good as Breaking Bad :blush:.


Anybody watches Westworld? @ingrobny, you kept watching it? What you guys think? Is it the end? I believe so. what do you make of this season 2 finale? Personally i believe Dolores won and wiped if not all the majority of the human race.


I haven’t watched season 2 yet, is it good? As good as season 1? Or better? Or the same? I really liked first season.


I liked it more. There’s lots of revelations along the way some that you probably saw a mile away others not so. No plotholes left so far. Imo Season 1 is order, Season 2 is mayhem. Hard to picture what a Season 3 would be about.
Do you like anybody from Season 1?


Sounds cool :blush:.

Maybe all of them :joy:, so it’s hard to pick a favorite character, but maybe William, Dolores, The Man In Black and of course Bernard and Dr. Robert Ford more than the others.

Don’t spoil if Dr. Ford is still alive or not, but it didn’t look good in the end of season 1 :cry:.


Won’t spoil anything, rest assured. :+1:
Favorite characters for me go in this order: Dolores, Bernard, Ford, Teddy, William, Akecheta and Maeve.


Just why?!


Because gore fest presented as social commentary sells a lot.