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YES!! It’s about time


Soon enough they’ll be making comic books and video games of this shit.


Is that the movie that one day is total mayhem and they are allowed to slaughter everyone? If that so, well, never saw the movie, never i’ll see the TV Series, so no big loss for me. More interested in what happened to Hulu’s Hitman TV Series :rofl:.


Yes, that’s the one.


I watched the finale, really interesting. I think the most interesting part of the finale was when it was revealed that Charlotte Hale was actually a host for the past few episodes, with Dolores’s programming, it was really a big twist.

I also really liked the Man in Black as a whole for this season, especially in the post credits scene, where in the future the MiB could be a host, also seeing Emily was crazy too. I can’t believe we have to wait so long for season 3, I’m really excited to see how Dolores and Bernard act in the real world.

I honestly might watch S1 and S2 again to see if I find anything new or things that foreshadow the events in the later episodes.


That was indeed an unexpected plot twist right until that moment. Also the fact that Stubbs (don’t remember well his name) was also a host which make sense since Ford would wan’t somebody he could control as the park’s head of security.

MIB wandering the crumbling park in the future means there’s a long time gap at least of more than 50 years, but i believe we are dealing at least with 100 years. Park not being restored means Delos probably wen’t bankrupt or Dolores succeeded in wiping most if not all of mankind and this probably is some sort of punishment for him.
Read somewhere that during S2 events in the park he met two Emily’s but he killed the real one. Also that Bernard might be the one that brought him back in the future probably to face Dolores.

Who do you think is in Hale’s body now? And to whom belong the 5 cores she took away?

That’s something i plan on doing soon, S2 was very convoluted. Overall i liked S2 more than the first, also music was on point, pretty much since S1 everybody has a unique tune and that’s something that was carried over, you can hear the same songs but with different rythms. Also Radiohead’s Codex at the end was a nice touch.


Isn’t Dolores in Hale’s body now? I mean that’s basically what happened, you could tell by the way that Hale acted, the tone of her voice was much more aggressive, like Dolores has been for the season.

As for the five cores she took with her, I genuinely have no clue lmao.Id assume it’d be just random hosts or characters that died. We know Teddy is in the Valley Beyond so it’s not him. Who do you think she brought?

Also sorry to derail that conversation but seeing how Delos wants to create perfect human replicas of guests using the hats as scanners was crazy, it was even hinted at in one of the earlier episodes of the season.


When she recreated Bernard again, she was on her former body and outside you could see Hale and following her afterwards. Also on the machine that creates them there was a bloody saw which seems to have been used recently, perhaps to extract Dolores’s data core?

I definitely believe Ford is one of them, they had some sort of partnership to the point he tasked her to recreate Arnold in the first place only to be turned into Bernard. The rest either new characters or some of the dead left behind my best bet of whom is in Hale’s body is the Forge’s system, could be also Maeve but i’m pretty sure that those two humans, are reviving her considering the way they zoomed that particular scene.

Even more crazy was that human conscience could be replicated from those hats and stored in a book. One thing that bugs me is that every human that knew of Delos’s immortality project seemed to be alright with the fact that they will die eventually and a copy of them is the one that will live on, something that i find hard to believe that everybody accepted.


So, is anyone a fan of “The Expanse”?

It’s a scifi show set in a future where humans have moved out into the solar system, colonized mars, and so on. The story is set against a background of lots of intrigue, shady politics and a looming war between Mars and Earth.

I won’t say it’s realistic, but it has a very grounded feeling for the most part. There’s no beaming technology or warp drives. Space travel demands time and Gs. It’s quite well constructed.

I love this show. Would almost describe it as Game of Thrones in space.
The third season just ended quite epically. Cant wait for season


Oh yeah, I remember that scene at the end. Maybe that’s the case, that was one of the scenes that really confused me lmao. Do we know when that scene happened, like if it was in the early stages of the park?

Maybe Ford could be one of the cores, I’d be really surprised if that was the case. Like, Dolores and Ford had a relationship in the early stages of the park however in season 2 Ford was more connected with Bernard, it doesn’t really make sense I’m for Dolores to do that.

Yeah, Maeve will probably come back, since Lutz and Sylvester are going back to work and will probably have encounter her corpse when cleaning up all the hosts.

Also I wanted to say that Lee Sizemore grew a lot this season, he was kind of a dick in season 1 however when he was traveling with Maeve and co. he was able to understand the hosts perspectives and Maeve’s goal of finding her daughter. His last scene fit his character p good.


Ultra fan! You say it ended already? Wasn’t it 13 episodes?


Yes. They aired 12 and 13 the same day.

Oh yeah, and the Opening Titles get me almost as pumped as the ones for GoT.


Another theory is that there’s Halores and Dolores now. That happened in the real world after she escaped, or you mean the scene in which she was with the western dress and Bernard fully clothed?

Not making sense now doesn’t mean it won’t have in the future. It’s all a matter of perspective, who knows what situation they might encounter in the future that would need Ford’s presence, not to mention William.

Lee Sizemore is the Theon Greyjoy/Jamie Lannister of the show. The kind of guy you despice at the begining but during the course of the show starts to evolve into a more sympathetic person to the audience to conclude in a heroic death that you feel sorry for.


Nice to know, once i’m done watching them i’ll let you know what i think of the whole season.

Opening is good, i like how they do a fast forwarded description of events in Mars(colonization and terra-forming attempt) and Earth(flooding of New York and subsequent preservation of the Statue of Liberty) among others.


I was referring to the scene when Dolores was talking to Bernard, and then Hale and another Dolores came down the stairs. Yeah I definitely could see that theory of Halores and Dolores being a possibility.

Yeah, I guess that could be a scenario with Ford and maybe even William. Isn’t Ford still with Bernard, like it was on the scene with Bernard and Ford on the beach near the end. William could also be a factor as you said, maybe he’ll be in the real world more often because we saw him on the beach when Halores was leaving for the boat.


Lot’s of tension through this season as usual. I liked how they divided the season in two chapters, Erinwright/Mao’s coming downfall and the ring, made things easier to follow. We got Miller back at least in some form, Holden is the John Snow of the show, world has expanded a lot and the only people i care didn’t die, that includes Holden, Agnus, Drummer and Avasarala. I liked that Gunny joined the crew, and i can see the pastor joining as well down the line, who knows, i saw some sort of connection between Agnus and her.

I’ve got the feeling we’ll see a new race in Season 4, probably the one that destroyed the creators of the ring systems. Protomolecule is becoming a little old now and something new needs to happen to keep the show fresh. Looking forward to what comes next.


That scene kind of shows how things repeat yet again: Dolores recreating Bernard.

No. Outside the Forge with Elsie, Bernard wiped all traces of Ford’s data. When Hale kills Elsie, Bernard starts to imagine Ford’s presence, in his quest for guidance in order to do what must be done but he is unable to do on his own. Both at the beach is him realizing that.


I am currently watching Teen Titans Go!

I kinda hated it kinda was whatever to it now I’m like it’s aiight.

Much progress.

At first I hated it because I think the past version of the show was better-and this one is too childish for me. I still feel that way but I think I can respect what they are trying to do with the show in the new direction. Outside of “Regular show” I think they have some of the best inside jokes I have seen in a modern cartoon.

The clip that put me over the edge was the song “Pyramid Mummy Money” the entire time I had a goofy grin on my face and I lost it when he said “I stack my money brick by brick I gots some gold fronts I go lick, lick, lick”

I can appreciate the self deprecating goofy humor-I still think it is base and childish at times but I know the audience. They still play the show too damn much tho. So maybe more than anything it just grew on me when I would watch it instead of the national news.


Since it stopped trying to mimic the original and became self aware of how dorky their humor is, they became actually something good. Not my favourite but at least to entertain yourself without trouble.


I have started to watch the season 2 now and I absolutely love season 2 so far, it’s chaotic, death everywhere, I have just started to watch the 3rd episode and I was a bit afraid of this might been the last season, because how can this world recover from this? But fear not, there will be a season 3:

I used spoiler tags, because you can read about which characters returning for season 3 there, but most important, there will be a season 3 :smiley:.