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Star Trek: Discovery is good (still lots of room for improvement), but Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Picard really has me excited. I’m hardly a Trekkie, but I’ve enjoyed the Star Trek lore since first discovering it after they rebooted the films. So I’m looking forward to this.


Not a huge fan of what they did with Discovery, but I hope this will be more to my liking. We’ll see I suppose.


Haven’t watched Westoworld yet,but I usually give a show a whole season to see. Half if it gets too boring.
Breaking Bad started off boring and slow,but it also charmed me and in the end it played off,and no one would have expected so much with such a small premise. I say try for a while. Usually shows take a while to kick in.


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Anybody looking forward to this?


Anyone here been watching Season 4 of Better Call Saul? This and last weeks episodes have been really great so far, can tell this season is going to be darker than the previous seasons.


Yes, they’ve been teasing this for a long time on Amazon Prime. It looks very interesting.


GLOW Season 2. Very good.


it’s great, Kim’s scene with Howard last episode is one of my favourites in the series


You know, at first I wasn’t really interested because I didn’t care for Wrestling in general, but a friend of mine was checking it out one day and I decided to sit through an episode and instantly liked it. Not only are the characters pretty interesting and nicely written but the show offers insights into Wrestling that I never considered before. Looking forward to Season 3.


I’m just waiting as this theory
will became a truth in Better Call Saul


Anyone in the UK watching the new Crystal Maze? Not sure if it gets aired outside the UK. I think it is pretty good but just doesn’t quite live up to the original, although Richard Ayoade is a great host.

If you live outside the UK and havn’t seen the Crystal Maze, the offical Youtube channel has uploaded several full episodes of the old show, like this one: Season 3, Episode 7

Basically, the premise of the Crystal Maze is that it is an adventure show and a game show mix. In the show, the host being Richard O’Brien, Ed Tudor-Pole or the newest one, Richard Ayoade, take contestants through 4 zones, being the Aztec Zone, Medieval Zone, Futuristic Zone and the Industrial Zone. The Industrial Zone would later be replaced by the Ocean Zone, although in the new version the Industrial Zone is back.

Contestants play games which range from 2 to 3 minutes and can be things like physical challenges, or word and maths problems, or riddles, or some kind of game requiring aim and accuracy etc. Each game won rewards a crystal and the more crystals you have, the most seconds you get in the Crystal Dome at the end of the episode, where you have to grab tokens as they fly around a perpiplex dome, to try and win a holiday.

Pretty great show, especially as a kid. I think the closest thing to it would be Fort Boyard, but more kid friendly and no gross out elements. Well worth checking out if it sounds interesting.


Eh, while this video and research all makes sense, I feel like Vince Gilligan intended that Walt died from the “gunshot”.

Plus, the video explains how Walt got away with it in the end with no punishment, however I disagree. His family was destroyed because of him as Hank was killed (which really traumatized Walt), and Flynn and Skylar are going to hate him forever.

Great video nonetheless, but I think the logic of it all goes against how Gilligan wanted it to end. But hey, anything can happen in BCS.


Looks like we have a new Geralt.


maybe it is not so bad choice, but for me he is still too good looking


Geralt isn’t good looking?


Here’s a fan mockup that someone did when Cavill first announced his interest in the role, looks good to me.


I wouldn’t say he’s bad looking either, he’s rough looking like Wolverine.I would actually say he’s handsome, he got some strong features.


Cavill is also a gamer,not to mention a huge fan of The Witcher 3,so I’d say he’s pretty good.
Good casting IMO and solid actor with a motivation to perform well. We’ll see.


He’s sexy AF. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: