TV Show discussion


Yeah well you know what else grows on you? Athlete’s Foot Would rather have that then most of the Netflix adaptations


It’s only a costume and make-up test, as the clapper indicates. It’s safe to assume they’re going to get him to grow a beard before filming starts.

Show me some actual footage of him on-set, then we’ll talk.


Started watching The Terror yesterday. I’m on Episode 3 and so far so good.


I’ve been watching Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds English dub on Youtube for free, as the official channel has the entire 5Ds English dub on it. I like watching 1 or 2 episodes casually on the computer. Started watching VRAINS on Crunchyroll for free but with annoying ads. Only 5 episodes in but it is pretty entertaining.


Talking about anime, I still have to finish the Hunters arc of Digimon Xros Wars. It’s fine but not as good as the first two. Also I found a page where they have the full episodes of Sonic X with the Latin American dub. Gonna give it a shot just like 14 years ago.


God, I remember watching Sonic X when I was a young teen. I was probably into it far more than I ever had any right to be, especially considering how bad the 4Kids dub could get. I’d actually like to give SATAM and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog a watch too, I think the last time I watched them was when I was a kid.

Also still waiting for Sonic Boom Season 2 to hit Netflix. Season 2 I believe has actually yet to make it to the UK atall in any way yet, which is a shame since Season 1 was good for the most part.


Based on that image Im guessing that the series is going to be based on the Geralt from Witcher 1 or maybe 2, considering he doesn’t have the beard or the old face. The outfit he’s wearing looks kind of odd, I hope they switch it so that he wears the Manticore Armor from B&W (it’s the classic outfit from Witcher 1) or some kind of witcher gear.

Don’t know much except Im still interested in the development, maybe it’ll grow on us hopefully.


he looks like a superman cosplaying a Legolas
but seriously now Im not judging anything because it will not be a game so Geralt is also propably must look different, it based only on books


We also need to remember that is also only test footage and not the final product. But something that gives us a view into what to expect, I personally believe that Cavill will grow a beard as well. I’m looking forward to the show. It looks a bit odd now, but then again that’s the problem is that fans of the series will always look towards the games as how Geralt looks.


This is still funny though.


So that is a man who played the man from UNCLE, who was playing Superman who is now playing a non-man and is dressing up like an elf? Damn showfolk are weird.:joy:


So now we can start making comparsion


While we are at it…


Let’s frickin go boyos


Definitely excited for it.A little skeptical too but I think Vince Gilligan will be able to pull it off after doing 5 seasons of the show


Any body else watch The Good Doctor here?


Finally got around to watching Shooter series. Anyone watch? It has quite a few similarities to Hitman. They mention hiding in plain sight and many scenes feature infiltration with disguise changes. I’m 5 episodes in and I like it.


I found this and it is very good


The Spawn show was awesome, I discovered after reading a best of… list. I wish MTV still did animation and play music.


sorry I don’t undertand this sentence