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I was on the internet and I saw a list of TV shows with Spawn on the list and I decided to watch it.



yesss I just hope this is better than “series” 4, with only 2 episodes :roll_eyes:

looks great though

EDIT: apparently it’s 4


The Second and possibly last season of The Punisher on Netflix.


Looks decent but so did the first season. Hopefully this season is better.


I just binge watched a Netflix show called “You”. It was really good and had me wanting to find out what happened next every time. The female lead is very naturally beautiful too which helps. Both leads are really good actors despite never having heard of them. Looks like it will lead onto a season two so looking forward to that now I have no more episodes to watch.


I watched one episode it seems very good just been busy.


“To me, it’s disturbing whenever I see authority figures embracing Punisher iconography because the Punisher represents a failure of the Justice system. He’s supposed to indict the collapse of social moral authority and the reality some people can’t depend on institutions like the police or the military to act in a just and capable way.”

File this next to “there are people who love Team America because they never got the joke.”


You mean Team America was not a documentary?? Are you telling me Bed, Bath & Beyond is not the most prominent American invention since peanut butter?!


I suppose we could stick with “His Excellency”…


So what the hell is the deal with that stupid mask jigsaw is wearing in hospital? It looks like my 4 year old daughter drew it.

Edit: In punisher season 2.


Finished season 2 of the Punisher yesterday and here’s my two cents. Short answer: Overall I really liked it. There’s more action then season 1 but the story and drama didn’t always hit the mark as well as before IMO.

Now for the long review. Spoilers ahead.

[spoiler] So Frank is travels out of New York to a small town trying to find a new life of sorts but he soon gets back into the thick of things when he steps in to save a girl from being kidnapped and probably killed. Although back in danger again, Frank feels the most at home in it then he ever could trying to find peace. That’s his theme for the season - realizing that he’d rather be killing folks then starting anew so he embraces becoming the Punisher. There’s a new villain who’s hunting the girl (Amy I think her name is) in a pilgrim hitman. His character and story arc are pretty good IMO. He’s a worthy opponent for Frank and a interesting character. Amy herself isn’t bad either though she not really a stand out but I did enjoy her relationship with Frank. Then we have returning villain Billy Russo AKA Jigsaw, though from what I saw he never actually becomes Jigsaw. I wasn’t a fan of his story arc.

Due to his last fight with Frank, he lost some of his memory. He remembers nearly everything except his betrayal of Frank and Madani so he never understands why they hate him and his face is not nearly as scarred as it should’ve been. I think this was done in an attempt to humanize him and try to make you believe he’s a different person but to me it was a gamble that didn’t pay off. At one point he learns why Frank did what he did but rejects the truth. When he finally comes face to face with Frank they have a shootout. From there he learns that the Punisher is who scarred him but he doesn’t seem to give a fuck why and just plans revenge. IMO this makes the whole memory loss plot redundant. He also hooks up with his therapist who might as well be Harley Quinn falling in love with Joker. The whole romance just felt forced and didn’t work for me at all. So his story was just meh. He dies in the end and I’m glad I won’t be seeing him again in season 3 (assuming we get another season). Bring on Barracuda! [/spoiler]


I feel the same, overall it was good but could have been better. I thought the same about his face, it really didn’t affect his looks that much. I found his speeches to the soldiers cringey and unbelievable too.


Yeah, overall the character was much better in season 1 and that’s a shame.


I’ve just finished watching season 1-5 of Luther (UK) if any other of my fellow brits haven’t seen this yet its brilliant, crime drama following DCI Luther, on Netflix and BBC iPlayer! thank me later!


I have seen them all, very good series and I highly recommend it. I think the thing I liked most about it was John Luther’s relationship with Alice Morgan.


Yeah, she was a complete nutcase wasn’t me but he fell in love with her. Love Idris Elba too, brilliant actor


So on my flight from Singapore :singapore: to San Francisco :us: I watched Killing Eve. It’s about a British analyst who is trying to catch an assassin and assassin is the other lead actress. The story bounces between them. The assassin is meticulous, uses costumes, is a weapons expert, speaks multiple languages. She’s basically a girl 47 with some mental issues. I recommend it to all.


Well, I just finished a three day binge of The Umbrella Academy.
Umbrella Academy is based on a limited series comic book about a group of super powered individuals raised from birth to be a super hero team. Problem is, their adoptive father isn’t exactly nurturing. He strives for absolute perfection and is emotionally distant, which doesn’t make for very well adjusted adults.

It’s quite good, not because of action and special effects or something, but because of drama, style/visuals and story telling.

Already looking forward to season 2.


It’s on my watchlist, so thanks for giving it the thumbs up. One question though… does S1 finish on a cliff-hanger or does it have some reasonable closure? Currently I’m holding off on Titans because I’ve been told it finishes with a horrible cliff-hanger and a sense of, “They can’t just finish there!”.