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I had chills throughout the whole thing, I’m not ready.

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neither am I! i just made the impulse decision to binge rewatch the series before season 8 ans after 1 episode I’m remembering how much I miss this show

I don’t think I’m gonna be able to handle the red wedding again


Recently started to watch Love, Death and Robots. A new animated sci-fi, R-rated anthology series on Netflix.

Only watched 2 episodes, but it’s pretty good so far (#1 - Sonnie’s Edge… #17 - Alternate Histories)
They’re all animated and probably directed by different people and animation companies, but the best part is each is a small, digestible piece of content. (between 6-17 minutes). You also don’t have to watch them in order, so you can jump around as much as you want, or look at the content that interests you the most.

World building on Sonnie’s Edge is just enough to get you to want more. I’ve heard that a lot are coined as mini-pilot episodes, and could be easily made into a full-fledged show. Others, like Alternate Histories, are goofy romps in animation and comedy. 6 different ways Hitler could die, and it gets more ridiculous by the second.
I’d recommend it, even with my limited exposure to it right now.


Ohh, i need to watch this soon, i hear only good things all around. But most importantly, i heard that Cedric Peyravernay, who did character design for Dishonored, worked on a first episode of this, so that makes it a must-see :smile:

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Now that you mention it, Episode 1 essentially looks like a glorified video game cutscene.
It’s got that uncanny-valley digital feel.

Looks gorgeous though.


update: I wasn’t


A good display of animation, story, world building and characters. Some great animation studios as well, like Blur(Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, Halo Master Chief Collection), Platige(HITMAN Cinematics, The Witcher series, Cyberpunk 2077) among others. I quite liked this series, each episode left me wanting to know more. If i had to pick favorites then it would be:

  1. Zima Blue. Raises some interesting questions about, conscience, life and purpose.
  2. The Witness. Weird story for sure, it’s a looped paradox of some sort.
  3. Ice Age. Interesting take on civilization: our history and where we might go. Reminded me Stephen Hawking’s words, along the lines that if we haven’t discovered any other civilization is because they probably destroyed themselves.
  4. Beyond the Aquila Rift. Reminded me of Starcraft or Dead Space, but from a very personal horror perspective.
  5. Sonnie’s Edge
  6. Secret War. Nice father reveal.
  7. Shape-Shifters


Looks to be a fun, interesting summer season.


Line of duty back at the end of the month!

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There’s a Deadwood Movie coming in May!?!?!?!


Why am I only hearing about this now?! Is it Christmas? Holy shiiiiiiiiit!



Well this is disappointing. No S5 of “Better Call Saul” until sometime in 2020. Does this mean no S4 on Netflix until then as well. Berry sad.


I’d think that season 5’s release date would have no effect on when S4 is on Netflix


12 hours lads :pray: why can’t they all just live happily ever after?


Any fans of Gerry Anderson here? If you don’t know Anderson, he was the creator of several fantastic children’s shows using puppetry such as Stingray, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and most famously Thunderbirds. He also did the live action sci-fi classics UFO and Space: 1999. Been watching his last TV show, New Captain Scarlet, a CGI reboot of his 1960’s show. It is pretty good for what it is, even if ofcourse some of the CGI has dated badly, but I think for 2005 TV quality CGI, I think it was top notch for its time. Anderson’s shows were meant for children but adults could watch them, with New Captain Scarlet having blood, death and some mild cursing, the kind of thing an 8 year old boy could have fun watching.

Anderson’s greatest show however was probably Thunderbirds, a show about International Rescue, 5 brothers who each commanded 5 vehicles, a mach speed rocket, a cargo ship, a spaceship, a submarine and a space station, to try and save lives in situations that no other rescue organisation could pull off. Thunderbirds would get a live action movie in 2004 which was pretty bad, Anderson himself saying something along the lines of it being the “biggest piece of crap I had ever seen”. But in 2014, we would get Thunderbirds are Go!, a TV show using CGI character models and some sets, but would often use real life models for sets and vehicles, made by WETA workshop, the guys who did the effects for Lord of the Rings.

Season 3b is to start airing next month, but you can find the first 3 episodes of the show for free on the offical channel’s Youtube page, and the first 2 seasons are on Amazon Prime. I recommend it, it is good fun and some of the model work is really great, and possibly the best looking CGI TV show at the moment.

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Yeeeeessssss! Dude, Captain Scarlet was my jam! Thunderbirds is cool too of course, but Captain Scarlet felt so much more adult. Stingray never quite did it for me tbh, though. I watched a tiny bit of UFO and a decent amount of Space: 1999. Even got in a bit of Supercar :joy:

Fuck the modern CGI abominations though.


Stingray definetly has a bit of cheese to it. I always like the more realisitic takes with Thunderbirds, and the darker atmosphere of Captain Scarlet. Did you ever watch Joe 90? I’ve only seen the first episode of that because it is on Youtube for free by a streaming service, not sure it would be my thing to be honest with a kid hero.

I like the CGI stuff, TAG! has some great episodes, and I’m really looking forward to the hints that Jeff Tracy may finally turn up in Season 3.


I vaguely recall an episode of it lol. Not my think. Old Gerry didn’t half have his finger in a lot of pies.


Anyone else watching the final GOTs season at the moment? Episode 3 was insane to say the least. Seriously didnt expect the Night King to bow out that early. I kind of envisioned what was left of the overrun North to retreat to King’s Landing. I suppose now Jon and the Targaryon Queen will have to take on Cersei without an army - and then fight over the thrown themselves. Will be cool to see how it all pans out.