[Twitch]Let's play HITMAN™ 2 | Muffin Challenge Pack & More!

Hey guys!

If you like HITMAN™ 2, or you’re just bored, i’ll be streaming some gameplay on Twitch tonight: https://www.twitch.tv/epic47sides/

I’ll be playing some Players Contracts and we might have a taste together at April ones and maybe challenges :slight_smile:

Approx. starting: 8PM UTC
Countdown here: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1130327/epic47sides-twitch-stream

Cya there :relaxed:


Live Now!


That was fun :slight_smile:

I’ll make another live tonight, so feel free to post your Contracts/Mission ideas here!

  • All Weapons
  • All Disguises
  • Any Location
  • Any Number of Targets

Thanks for watching, cya soon :blush:

Going live in 30 minutes!
UPDATE: Live Now!

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Live has ended!
Thanks for watching guys :blush:

Some funny contracts out there, and also some EPIC fails :smile:

Last HITMAN™ 2 stream tomorrow, and i’ll be playing players contracts, also trying an April Contract :+1:

Come and enjoy the game with me this Thursday night starting @ 7 PM UTC!


Hello guys!!

Join me tonight for a special livestream where i will unlock the Flamingo Suit and then do a SASO run on Santa Fortuna with it :slight_smile:

Cya there :wink:

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Thanks for watching yesterday’s stream!
For those who missed it, remaking the Flamingo Challenge tonight!
Also doing Santa Fortuna SASO with Flamingo Suit :smile:

Cya there :wink:


Thanks for tuning in to the previous streams guys :slight_smile:
Replays are still avaiable to watch if you’ve missed it :+1:

You can also Join me tonight on Twitch as i will do the Shinobi Challenge Pack on
HITMAN™ 2 and more!

Cya there maybe :wink:


Heya there!
I would like to ask you: Can you maybe play my mini escalation in your stream?
Lvl.1: 1-03-9816038-59
Lvl.2: 1-03-5989736-59
Lvl.3: 1-03-9621504-59

Would really appreciate!


Oh great idea dude!

Any ideas are welcome if you want :+1:

The idea is to play with the unlocked Tanto on other levels :blush:

Cya in few minutes!

Hello everybody!


Join me this Friday night for a Special HITMAN™ 2 Livestream dedicated to The New Muffin Challenge, and more!

I’ll be playing to unlock The Muffin Man Challenge, but also:

  • Doing The Deceivers Elusive Target with Muffins :blush:

  • Some Featured Contracts Starring The Muffin…

  • A Random HTMAN™ 2 Map With Muffins!

Connect to Twitch This Friday @ 9PM UTC / 11PM CEST:

Cya there :wink:

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Yesterday’s stream was kind of messy, redoing the challenge LIVE tonight!

Cya there :slight_smile: