Two little things I would like to see returned to Hitman. (Patch level changes)

  1. Something I would like them to do is bring back the highest difficulty changes that they put into Season One, with footsteps being heard, broken cameras being investigated and so on. I think it was stupid to remove those difficulty enhancements from Season Two. Yes, the hardest difficulty is tougher than usual difficulty, but things that were expected being absent is beyond sense. Why have they removed so many things that were included in the toughest difficulty levels from the hardest difficulty in this season?

  2. Something that has always irritated me with the Surveillance Cameras is that they are ALL tied into one system together for the whole map!

If you take Sapienza as an example, there should be separate security systems for the Town Hall Building, the Mansion, the Caves and the Church, not one that controls it all! I’ve always thought that was dumb as hell and something that would NEVER be allowed in any actual security system.

It’s even stupider when you consider the American map in Season Two, Whittleton Creek.
Part of that is finding a Security Tape and taking it to a Video player to watch it. The characters discuss how they have to manually take the tapes from the recorder over to the security station, yet if all the security is controlled on one circuit, why would they? It’s daft!
From the talk of the NPC’s, the systems are all separate, yet taking out any one of the Security Recorders knocks out the whole map’s cameras!

Now, I don’t think that it should be like that on every difficulty level, just the top one to increase the challenge.
Leave the easiest level without cameras, the Professional difficulty with the basic level and the hardest difficulty with a more realistic and sensible camera system. It would make far more sense that way and would increase the challenge in a meaningful and reasonable way.

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This has been a thing that’s been brought up several times- the cameras- and from what I remember, people have said that that would have made it too hard from a gameplay perspective.

It has been brought up before but yes I agree with you @Dahn

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