Tyson Williams' Disease?

Does anyone know what disease Tyson Williams might be suffering from? Seeing how brilliantly interconnected the missions in the HITMAN series have been, I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes into play somehow in the future.
He talks with the doctor, and answers a couple of questions which gives further insight into what his illness is. He mentions he’s had it for some time, and isn’t just something he developed while on the island.

Symptoms include:
-Obvious spots/scars on body
-Itchiness of spots
-Some symptoms shared with malaria and heatstroke (alluded to by guards/doctor) such as a high fever
-Headaches (also possibly a side effect of the medicine prescribed by the doctor)
-Persistent coughing
-Fatigue (constant resting when in Ljudmila’s room)

Credit to LordShaw:
-Aversion to sunlight
-Permanent mental instability

Notes about the disease itself:
-An infection, possibly contagious (but unlikely)
-Acquired in Tyson’s youth
-Cured, but left side effects such as scarring, mental instability, migraines
-Needs light therapy (specifically red light), likely to help heal the scars

If anyone can remember anything more, please feel free to share.

The other guard gives a good reason as to why it isn’t malaria, Williams would have had malaria shots. It seems unlikely that Tyson would neglect malaria vaccines especially since he has run Haven for like five years.


“He can’t even go out in the sunlight anymore.”
“That doctor of his mentioned something about some old disease Mr. Williams once suffered from. Said it had likely left some permanent side effects.”
“-What? Like the scars on his body?”
“More like scars on his brain! Doctor said there was a high risk of some permanent damage to his mind, which would explain the- You know–his episodes.”

“- What, like malaria or something?”
“We all got shots before coming here. No, no, i mean, he recovered from something bad in his youth. Left him with like recurring migraines.”


Can malaria give you those scars in your body?

And if it’s not malaria, what can it be looking at those symptoms?

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I would like to help but one of the things and OCD guy shouldn’t do it is look up diseases online. I already have troubles self-diagnosing right now.


That’s why i’m asking and not looking it up for myself

Would destroy my sunday :smiley:


I doubt it’s malaria, since as Accidental and Shaw pointed out he would’ve been immunised against it before coming to the tropics. That being said, I reckon he has some malaria-esque symptoms such as headaches, fevers etc. I checked and I don’t think malaria could leave any scars at all, let alone scars of that caliber.


Maybe the scars are a hint that H3 will be about zombies


Is Hitman set in an alternate universe where there is a malaria vaccine? That would be a weird detail. I haven’t heard of malaria ever causing scars like his either.

Actually there is a malaria vaccine. Low efficacy as of right now. That and all the preventatives Tyson and his employees take. it most certainly isn’t malaria


Maybe bubonic plague…? Those scars looked like buboes, sort of. (don’t look that up unless you want to be very grossed out lol)

If it was the bubonic plague it would have spread island-wide by now.

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We should ask Ether. I’m sure those scoundrels know what it is, they probably created it.


Some symptoms certainly match: high fever and coughing, for example, but I think overall it’s unlikely (he shows no signs of other symptoms such as gangrene or necrosis). I reckon the spots on his body is the biggest pointer to whatever disease he has. Since it’s never explicitly mentioned, it’s entirely possible it’s a fictitious disease created for the game’s plot. Still fun to speculate though.


Yeah I was thinking it could also be something IO made up, like based off a handful of diseases

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If he was through some disease in his youth, it’s weird that his bio is not mentioning anything about that - just boring ass childhood in american, blue-collar family, then mall cop, five years in prison (maybe he caught something there?), then NY, bounty hunter, and then Russian mafia, drugs and Bradley&Ludmila bizz.

But at that point he had to be older already, and whatever this is, sound like he was through that in his childhood - young adult years. Bc of the spots, it looks like either some exotic or long eradicated disease, but there doesn’t seem to be a point in his youth, where he could came in contact with something like that.

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Didn’t Steven said it’s some kind of worm (or virus) that will eventually kill him when he and Ljudmila in the jacuzzi? Maybe they infected him on purpose? And the scars reminds me of Syphilis…


Lupus perhaps? Photosensitivity, lesions, scarring, chronic fatigue, and migraines all present and correct.

Man I feel you. One time I was so sick I thought i was dieing. So I googled my symptoms and after I was convinced I had the fookin bubonic plague.


What if it’s not an illness but a poison?