Ubisoft Unveils Surprise Content Plan for the DIVISION 2 - Should HITMAN follow suit?

In brief, Ubi’s plan is as follows:

  1. The big bad of THE DIVISION, Aaron Keener, will have his story wrap up, not in a full priced sequel called THE DIVISION 3, but rather in a $30 expansion called “Warlords of New York”.

  2. The base game is being priced all the way down to $3 (not known if this is temporary). Bundles that include DLC with the base game including a bundle that adds “Warlords of New York” will be sold at $40.

  3. As part of the update from “Warlords of New York”, THE DIVISION 2 will become a Seasonal/Event driven title with main releases release tranches coming out every 3 months. End game content will be changed and revised. New enemies and “world events” will occur. The assumption right now would be that these events occur for free until the next major $30 expansion.


So if we apply this strategy to HITMAN 2 what would happen is instead of a $60 HITMAN 3, we get the closure of the Lucas Grey/Providence story arc as a lower priced $30 expansion. The HITMAN 2 “core game” would drop in price (but maybe not to the ridiculous $3?), but there will be bundles now to include Legacy Pack, Patient Zero, Providence Conclusion, etc.

HITMAN 2 therefore becomes “the baseline entry point” for the World of Assassination.

The update would be accompanied by an announcement that HITMAN content will be quarterly with guaranteed elusive targets (1, 2, or 3) occurring within that quarter, Challenge Packs, Unlockables. The story would end with the Providence expansion and after that it’s all about events, stories of Elusive Targets and Special Assignments.

The precedent set by Ubi above is people are paying $30 to add Manhattan to THE DIVISION 2. So applied to our logic, we’d buy a $30 expansion when it’s that time again to get a new set of maps to add to HITMAN 2 post-Providence conclusion. But rather than being part of a campaign, the maps/missions would be self contained stories, or form their own short campaign as the main story will end with the first $30 expansion and no further long campaigns will be done.

How do you guys feel about this? Do you still play THE DIVISION 2?
Do you think this kind of calendar would work better with HITMAN 2?

  • YES!
  • NO!

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It’s basically what Destiny does with seasonal content drops and large-ish yearly expansions. I think it’s a good model for large multiplier games. But maybe not for Hitman.

I love how IO is currently doing it, bar a few things like ETs and special assignments. A large change up isn’t necessary.

Hitman 3 as a DLC/expansion pack would work thanks to the base game’s episodic structure but I’d rather see IOI make it as a new game, with new features and changes to the engine that maybe solves the issues that Hitman 2 had but were never solved.


Right… but you’re not going to pay for a “service” you will pay for each “meaningful tranche of new content valued at $30”.

Also who says they cannot insert updates right into base game anyway regardless of the model?

In Ubi’s case your base game will be changed 1 week after “Warlords of New York” is released. So you can say fixes and enhancements that might have been part of a $60 HITMAN 3 is instead launched as an update to HITMAN 2.

Also as far as the “cutting up games” argument goes… .again… benchmarking our beloved IOI. If they can make 2 new maps per year. What would you rather do? Wait 3 years for a sequel? and then sit on pins and needles if this sequel is the last one (“The last sequel is the one that didn’t make money”). OR we buy it at 2 maps a year and we’re assured every year that it will happen?

Yearly expansions would work quite well with IOI’s calendar. We roughly got Haven and the Bank a year after the base game was released. And that was with IOI on a reduced headcount.

I mean we kinda already tried this model with HITMAN 2016 didn’t we? You could buy the game/season pass at full price, or you could buy each individual part as it became available.

So in this example, ICA and PARIS is the “Base Game” and SAPIENZA is the next seasonal add on. You could buy each as they came out or you could buy what would amount to the base game and the season pass up front.

Now since I don’t know any exact numbers I can go off of I can’t say how well that model worked for IO with 2016, the way they talk about it in the NOPIXEL thing makes it seem like it wasn’t all bad since they did mention they were considering returning to it for 3, or at least that was the rumor, I am not certain on the source of that comment myself.

The problem I have with this model is the same problem I had with HITMAN 2016 model. I bought the full price game the second pre-orders went live. I then had to buy the entire game again for the GOTY version just to get the PATIENT ZERO expansion since the communication about the upgrade pack for it coming out was not clear at the time. Then they wanted me to pay for a full ass game AGAIN just to have the complete first season if I wanted those extra suits despite them saying they would make them available eventually and never delivering on that.

Now the real problem for me is that those of us who love HITMAN and will buy each pack as it comes in at full price will end up paying 3-4 times as much as we would have for the full game. If each pack is 30 dollars and each one is a level of at least 6 levels thats 180 dollars for the game that we the fans would be paying for an experience that we so far have only paid 60 for. Meanwhile most people will see what they are doing and just wait till its all done and buy it all when its complete at a discounted price. Look at the jump in sales Destiny had when it was all said and done, and they were selling the game and all DLC at a lower cost than the base game originally was.

I do not like that idea at all. It punishes your fans in favor of just having larger numbers. HITMAN 2016 wasn’t terrible though, because its “base game” was cheaper than a full game, and when all expansions were all said and done they added up to basically that of a full game. It kind of made sense. Where as with this DIVISION 2, think of all the people who are playing it. They paid 60 or more for the game, and are now being told the game is now 3 dollars. And they like everyone else need to pay 30 dollars for the rest of the content. So someone adopting today is paying 33 dollars to play it, while the fans are paying 90. Its an awful idea if you ask me.

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This is temporary. The digital sales are marked to expire on March 3rd.

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Never played either division game.
I do however, have 3 bucks, so that may change.
Do I think Hitman should follow suit? Not really. It seems pretty clear to me that IO are putting their hearts and souls into H3, I have no issue paying for a full game, as I wasn’t disappointed in the least by the first 2 (other than the progression not carrying over, but that was a developer thing, and seemingly unavoidable at the time, hopefully not to be repeated)


I’m old fashioned so I prefer a full game to a stub that may or may not get enhanced over time. I also rather have them start over with ™3 so we can have people puke into toilets again.

The seasonal release of 1 map per month/quarter/whatever sounds good on paper, and helps each map to be in the spotlight for said timeframe, rather than all maps competing with each other from day one. But I understood it did NOT work too well financially for ™1? Maybe I misunderstood this, as n0rric seems to remember otheriwse.


Well its complicated and I am not plugged into the business aspect of it. But it seems the split up nature of it let them put parts on sale which generated more sales of the rest of the game or whatever. I don’t have a full grasp on the pros and cons of it, my initial stance was that episodic release was a flop since it seemed sales were down, but ive heard conflicting stances since about it. @Soupienza has a better grasp of that whole thing than I do.

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I love this guy. He is my spirit animal. Whenever i get weak and think about buying a game at full price, I think of Ross. Lord Patron of the cheap gamer.

The hidden cost of the division 2 is the monthly fee. So the game is not really 3 bucks it is a monthly charge plus 3. I have that game and never played it because i don’t have the monthly online subscription.

Bet they are trying to recoup the money through microtransactions. More player base means more suckers. More suckers means more people influencing other people to buy into microtransactions.

it’s sick.

My suggestion for hitman is make the full game, sell the full game.

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Isn’t the “monthly fee” just Xbox Gold and Playstation Plus fee? And last I checked it was only for access to PVP Dark Zone?

PC players don’t have this issue.

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Sales were bad initially and then jumped by some 500% once “The Complete First Season” was in stores.

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No sir.

I have an x box I put in the disk and it tells me i need to be online to play. I can’t even create a character or see the opening scene.

a fee is fee is a fee it cost on x box or playstation a monthly fee to operate the game. So the game is not really 3 bucks. Because 3 bucks gets you a drink coaster, not access to a game. 10 bucks a month gets you access to the game.

Ah yes my peasant mind forgot about PC master race. It’s free to play online.

Are you sure you didn’t miss something?


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okay let me go put the disk in right now and snap a pic

*download and updates may take a few hours, but i wanna see this.
*deleted photos made the post long

it’s just an endless loop going over and over again. Back to the title, and back to settings, over and again.

So unless creating a Ubisoft account is the last hurdle I dunno what. But i am not keen on another account if this is just promotions. I feel like i remember not seeing the Ubisoft screen before. It looked like a small pop up message saying you have to be online.

Well you got it. Creating the Ubisoft account was the last hurdle. Sorry. You were right and I was wrong. First time i ever seen the bottom screens.

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Yes U-Play is always required for Ubisoft games and it’s free. :slight_smile:
I’m thinking The Division 2 may be the first Ubisoft game you bought.

The good news is that your U-Play account is platform agnostic. Any Ubisoft game you buy across any platform can be linked to this one U-Play account.

You will earn Club Points simply for completing challenges for games where enabled across your U-Play account. You can redeem Club Points for discounts on your next purchase, or for buying merchandise.

Earn Ubisoft rewards simply for playing Ubisoft games!


Disclaimer: “That sounded like a Marketing pitch but I don’t work for Ubisoft.” :smiley:

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So going back to the original discussion, the main difference between now and 2016 is that what we would refer to as “the base entry point” is not the same.

Admittedly in 2016 the “base entry point” was “Training Episode and Paris”… which is… quite frankly… very scary.

Today the base game would be the stock HITMAN 2 - 6 missions, a set of Challenges and escalations and contracts mode.

Again how to price that IF we go seasons/events based… that is up in the air. The point is you’d have to value it differently if the idea is “Legacy Pack, Patient Zero, and H3/Providence Chapter 3 are all DLC and moving forward everything is one $30 DLC pack a year”.

But the big difference… .why this is not prone to the same failure of 2016 is that our “base entry point” is far superior to what it was in 2016.

That’s my thoughts on it.

I also have some analytical bias for ubisoft. I’m not a fanboy… .but on the basis of actual scores, Ubi do these kinds of Marketing strats better than most guys most of the time.

The one publisher with a better strike record is Nintendo. But their legion of hardcore fans who cheer at anything (see any SMASH BROS ULTIMATE reveal to see it in action) makes their strategic prowess harder to read.

I mean to be fair, it doesn’t take a fan of Nintendo to see that Banjo-Kazooie being in smash as something to be excited about. It’s always great to see old beloved franchises getting some time in the limelight again.

I think that in essence you are right and that would work for future HITMAN games or a post HITMAN 3 content stream whichever they decide to work on.

My problem is that HITMAN 2 with Legacy installed and everything is over 120 GBs on PS4, so adding packs every year of probably 30-50 GBs each to make up the rest of HITMAN 3 will make HITMAN 2 such a large file that most people could basically ONLY have HITMAN 2 installed with how much room it takes up.

In either case IO really needs to figure out how to make their file sizes smaller without reducing the quality. I know recently a few companies have put out massive updates to their games that in the end actually made their file sizes a lot smaller. IO would need to do the same here, or just sell HITMAN 3 separately that way people can uninstall HITMAN 2 if they want without feeling like they need to have it all installed to play the game.

I am thinking HITMAN 3 will have new features in the game kinda like how HITMAN 2 added working mirrors, tall grass concealment, briefcases, etc. I am pretty sure HITMAN 3 will expand this even further. It would make sense to release HITMAN 3 as its own thing and maybe just put out an update for HITMAN 2 to include these features, or to take their time and figure out how to make LEGACY and HITMAN 2 all fit inside HITMAN 3 without making its file size over 200 GBs. I can’t speak for everyone but when HITMAN 2 came out and I verified that the LEGACY maps were working in HITMAN 2 i deleted HITMAN 2016 off my PS4 just to make room. I hope to do the same when HITMAN 3 comes out so I can free up 120+ GBs off my system.

Adding episodic content to HITMAN 2 wouldn’t really solve this file size issue, it would just make it worse, and they would have to put out even bigger updates and do more complicated fixes to change HITMAN 2 to work for HITMAN 3, whereas if they release HITMAN 3 separately they can alter it any way they want without it effecting everything that was released before.

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I am not sure of the source of that comment myself

The notion that Hitman 3 may be episodic comes from an interview IOI devs did with Noclip, and one dev said Hitman 3 may go episodic again.

Clip here: https://youtu.be/_stW6JvB4SI?t=2224

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