Ubisoft Unveils Surprise Content Plan for the DIVISION 2 - Should HITMAN follow suit?

The division 2 is 9,99€ in my Uplay store? :frowning: Shame, I would have given it a try for 3 € maybe

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Are you logged in to UPlay? It was full price for me when logged out but in my logged in UPlay window the discount took effect.

Also make sure you are looking at THE DIVISION 2: STANDARD EDITION.

This is exactly what I did as well. I am currently presuming IOI can make file sizes smaller.

I may be mistaken but I think the file size on HITMAN 2 is smaller than HITMAN 2016 even with Legacy Pack added.

it is not. If I recall HITMAN 2016 with GOTY update was I believe was around 50-60 something GBs and HITMAN 2 with everything is like 120 something GBs. I don’t recall the EXACT number since I have not had HITMAN 2016 installed in over a year now but I recall thinking that HITMAN 2 (back when it was just the base game and Legacy installed) was more than twice the file size than HITMAN 2016. I contributed that to the ai and mechanics and assets added in HITMAN 2 to all the legacy maps made them increase a bit more and plus all the H2 stuff as well. With the inclusion of the Special mission assignments we had basically entire levels redownloaded again added to it plus the sniper maps, plus ghost mode, plus new york and haven.

Now im sure HITMAN 2 does have reduced file sizes now compared to HITMAN 2016. But 120 GBs as it stands now is still a ton. adding HITMAN 3 to that will easily push that well over 200 GBs, which for a regular PS4 is basically half of your storage capacity.

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Yes. I’m not sure about sizes… Personally my strategy for this would be to ask one of those Switch porting houses - especially Panic Button - to port ABSOLUTION to Switch and see how they optimize Glacier.

It’s the same strat the devs of WARFRAME did which led to the “Performance Update” for PC.

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