Un-unlockable equipment if not carry over?

Will one be able to unlock all equipment and challenges if you decide to start from scratch in Hitman 3?

For instance, will you be able to get the elusive target unlockables and achievements if one decide not to carry over progress from previous games?

In other words, do Hitman 3 players who do not carry over saves have a bunch of potentially un-unlockable (=permanently locked) equipment and suits.

No, some unlocks are limited to ETs and events that might not be replayable in the future.

Alright, so that’s a yes then.
There are permanently locked items for those who decide to start from scratch.
What a shame.

Do you have progress in H2? Are you a PS player?

Quite some progress in H2 and legacy
But might have failed to do a few of the elusive targets.

There seems to be little to no information on how elusive targets will work in H3, and whether they all will return. In any case, I’d be rather bothered to start from scratch if I won’t even be able to unlock the same items in H3…

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I don’t know about PC, but there is a workaround for PS players.

haven’t really been following Hitman news in a while, but it seems they are phasing out elusives, and calling them special assignments. When was the last elusive?

Special Assignments are the 4 meme missions they release with the 2 DLC maps in Hitman 2.

I’m also interested in knowing if there’s content in Hitman 2 that if i don’t carry over my progress i’ll never be able to get. I hope it isn’t like that.

For example, how do i get the Requiem Suit in Hitman 3?

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