Unable to access ALL content

Platform: Xbox series x
Disc or digital? Digital

Description : we have a family account. Before Sloth update, I was able to log our main profile in and log myself in and play all 3 hitman games. Since sloth update, unable to play ANY hitman games, all 3 say “get access”. I have a very high level of mastery and a ton of the achievements yet for some reason now it doesn’t recognize that I own the game. I pre-ordered the game and have always had access until now.

Steps to reproduce: have a family, log in main account and secondary account, try to access content.

Frequency : always

Attempted fixes:

  • hard reset xbox
  • uninstall/reinstall
  • checked for updates (none)
  • installed from MY (secondary acct) library

I suggest you to open a support ticket in HITMAN 3 Player Support Hub.
Those tickets fly direcrly to IOI Support Team