Unable to complete all challenges

I have pretty much completed all challenges on every map of Hitman 1, but I have found now that no matter what I do, I will not be able to fully complete the game without spending more money… Which is really annoying. I’ve done every mission on Paris for instance, but I still have 1 uncompleted, which is The Corky Commotion, as you have to purchase the GOTY edition upgrade to play it. So my question is, why include unlocked/chargeable content as an incomplete mission in my game, meaning I haven’t completed all of the challenges?! It should only show as a challenge/feat etc once I have purchased the GOTY upgrade.

If you own HITMAN 2016 redeeming [GOTY] Legacy Pack should be free for you.

Howto is here:

Nah man. Even though the OP owns H2016 the full 1st season, he is still required to pay extra (approximately $10) to get the GOTY upgrade in HITMAN 2. And as for him, yeah it’s unfortunate but 100% completion of the game does require paid DLCs’ contents, so there’s nothing we players can do.

But he didn’t specify what version of H2016 he owns.
If lower than Definitive Edition or GOTY Edition - you’re right
But even though - 10 or 20 bucks is not that much

I am quite sure OP is not talking about H2.

At the end of the day it seems the OP is wondering why challenges for a version of the game he does not own, shows up in the base game.

The answer to which is that they update the base game constantly so when they pushed out an update to include the GOTY challenges it was a push to the base game, but the challenges themselves were limited to the GOTY update itself.

I would recommend getting the GOTY update, its got some fun stuff added to it, and if you have done everything in season 1 it must mean you have liked the game so far.

I don’t remember we have any additional purchasable content for HITMAN 2016.
I’m not talking about upgrades or editions.
I’m talking about all other contents that should go with no cost

Is it like that? Really?
It shouldn’t be like that

Patient Zero did cost 20$ for those with any older H2016 game. And there are probably challenges of it in the base game.

I guess you have to live with these challenges Chris, but it is indeed worth considering getting all content of the game. Also, if you did not know already, you get everything you have now for free within Hitman 2 if you get that one as well. You have to redo everything though.


to be fair I don’t know exactly how its done. But my assumption based on given information is that the OP who owns only the base version of the game is seeing challenges in his version for the GOTY version which he does not own tells me that the way IO updates their game is to update the base version of the game, and just limit access to parts for those who do not have certain versions of the game.

Kinda how they kept the people who got the silver version of HITMAN 2 from playing the gold version levels. Its easier to push out an update that includes bug fixes and what not to the base version of the game, and just limit what needs to be limited to your IO Account.

To me it makes perfect sense to do it that way, since the updates they put out usually also contained bug fixes and general improvements for the entire game not just the new maps.

But at the end of the day, there should be a GOTY update option where you can get all the new GOTY items for cheaper than buying the GOTY version of the game (a luxary I did not have when GOTY first came out) and with the content available in it I would recommend to the OP to get the GOTY upgrade if they can, since it seems like they enjoyed the game enough to nearly 100% it.

But I would also advise as @Urben said, that if they are considering getting HITMAN 2, everything he owns in HITMAN 1 will be free in HITMAN 2, however all the challenges and everything will have to be redone, they don’t transfer over. So if you are considering getting HITMAN 2 I would recommend getting the GOTY as well and just playing it all in HITMAN 2.

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Only correction is that if he doesn’t own GOTY or Definitive edition of the game, he won’t get all the HITMAN 2016 locations in HITMAN 2. And he will stay in that situation with impracticable challenges if they are displayed as you’re saying.
So, seems, either way he stands at a point where he should spend some additional money to have the fullest game

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Pretty much, hes gotta look at it as more of a DLC for Patient Zero missions than paying more for the game he already owns. Its not like hes getting nothing for extra money. Patient Zero was fantastic in my opinion and gave me a ton of hours added to my play time of 2016 (and HITMAN 2).

I say its well worth, which is why I recommend he get the GOTY upgrade thing should be like 10 bucks or whatever depending on sales, its well worth the cost, and if he ever upgrades to HITMAN 2 he will have it all in HITMAN 2 (except the challenges will not carry over).

But I’d also say @Chris_A that it seems all too likely that HITMAN 3 will come out later this year maybe early next year (there is no definitive date or information yet) and if they are going to bring HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2 ported over to 3 and you have to start over again it may be best to get the HITMAN 2 upgrade in HITMAN 3 when that comes out. Really depends on you, You could easily get the GOTY upgrade play Patient Zero which I highly recommend since it was a lot of fun, and just play HITMAN 2 by itself and ignore all the season 1 stuff in it, and do the same for HITMAN 3.

I think you’re right there, if they’re bringing out a Hitman 3, then I’d probably be better waiting for that!

To answer some of the above confusion, yes I have just the 2016 Hitman game but without the GOTY update. I was a bit reluctant to add the GOTY pack for what seemed like only a couple of extra missions, as my PS4 was telling me the price was quite steep (full game price I think). My only beef was that I have 100% completed all Paris missions/feats etc (and most on all other levels too), but I am still left with something like 109/110 challenges complete due to the Corky add on that comes with GOTY even though I don’t have the add on. There’s no reason for IO to add that challenge to the base game, it could quite easily not be shown as a challenge until the GOTY has been purchased.

If I’m honest, I may well purchase the GOTY once I fully complete my current content, but it is still annoying that IO has made it for people like me that want 100% completion to have no option but to pay for GOTY.