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Ps4 Digital pre-order. Have not been able to get past the start screen upon booting game. Will not connect. “Failed to Fetch” error. I’m seeing reports that this has been fixed? I however have not connected at all.

hey I’ve found this in another thread and it helped me, but I’m on PS5 so i cant guarantee it to work on PS4:

If this thread is about the ‘failed to fetch profile information’ error when trying to log in to the game, there’s a possible workaround but it will potentially delete your H3 save games and resets all settings to default. It basically created a new local profile for you on your console.

On the PS5 menu, go to Settings > Storage > Saved Data and then delete the H3 ‘profile’ stored there. It’s a similar path on PS4.

Deleting this file won’t affect any of your progresson, only the ‘local’ files.

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Thanks for the advice, I’ll give it a shot.

… didn’t work. I’ve tried it all. I’m thinking IO will need to assist.

Platform: PS5


Description: When finishing the bangkok level, the game tries to authorize my account but fails. It keeps saying fetching and tells me to retry after a while or go to menu. I tried loading a previous save and restarting the game. this is going on for 2 days now. It also told me to contact costumer support iff the problem stil persists. wich i did. they redirected me to this forum and a developer should contact me.

Steps to reproduce: finishing bangkok level, loaded save, previous save.

Frequency : for 4 days now, lots.

Attach; https://twitter.com/i/status/1352710480683479041

I believe your comment should be a post. I would repost this directly into technical issues.

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It could be a server end issue, have you attempted to complete another level outside of Bangkok?

If the problem persists you can try deleting save data (won’t affect your progression since that’s stored on a server) or reinstall the game.

These are the two solutions I can think of.

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