Unable to get Janbiya


I’ve completed all the opportunities and several Assassination challenges, but the progress for Janbiya is still shown as 3/9. After completing some of the challenges I get disconnection error and need to restart the game just to see that the progress for this dagger is unchanged.
What should I do? If there is any additional info that may be helpful then please let me know.

1st, which platform?
2nd, go to the offical bug report thread
3rd, Show some screenshots

theyre working on fixing the bug

Yeah, during yesterday’s stream they said that unlock problems are being addressed by today’s update. The servers are supposed to be back up in (approximately) an hour. Try it then.


Same problem, today patch fixed bugged challanges in training mission but no in Marrakesh

It did not change after update
Though I did not try to complete the mission again…

Try meeting the conditions again if possible. Then I would submit it in the bug thread. They were supposed to have specifically addressed that issue, but I would not expect the knife to just appear in inventory.

I get what you are saying, but since then, have you completed this mission again?

I can not get a knife Jambiya - I fulfilled all the conditions. I played before the update 2.30.0. Transition after the update does not help.

Sorry, I thought that I mentioned it, but in fact I forgot…

Yes, I’ve recompleted a mission with completing additional Assassination challenge, so the progress changed from 3/9 to 4/9 as can be seen on the screenshot, but now I have only one assassination incomplete which makes it impossible to get the dagger.

I would keep going. You are going to get the dagger. I am pretty positive of that. IO has never, in my experience of season 1, had an item that you eventually did not get. An update may reset the progress, or they may just make it unlock for you. Either way, you will have that dagger if you met the conditions.

Also, do the mission stories again and see if the progress goes up.

I completed all the tasks many times.

I have completed all the mission stories and assassination challenges.
I have 0/9 progress. The mission “A House Built on Sand” has a disconnect bug.

I’m pretty sure it hasn’t fixed yet.

Whenever IOI fixes it we will know as every bug that get fixed IOI mentions it in changelog for that update.

Patience is the key 47s.

Still do not have Janbiya. Don’t see it mentioned in update thread at all :frowning:
Previously tried mentioning it in the bug thread, but there is no response…

Actually by this time tried completing last assassination, re-completing mission story etc.
Even got SASO, so for now I have 99% challenges in Marrakesh just because of this one.

update hasnt come out today, and they already said they know about it

Yup, I know, but are there chances that it will be fixed via next update if it is not mentioned at all, even in known issues?

Hello please help me i do all challenge in hitman 2 to get the janbiya knife but the game had a bug it locked at 8/9 challenge please help.
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