Unable to Identify content

few hours ago i put a few mods to the game
and i think its damaged the game… but im not sure
Escalation from paris not working for me
Unable to identify content 1 escalation

You have this problem too?:woozy_face:

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I had this exact same problem. Do you happen to be on PC and have used mods?

On Pc
I downloaded few mods today for the first time and check the game and i saw it. i didnt know if its because of this mods :unamused:

It’s because for some reason the very last letter of the stuff inside your packagedefinition.txt has been cut off. The very last thing listed in that file is Corky Commotion and it’s missing a letter from it’s file name.

Use this one (Which is mod enabled but everything works)


Thank you
its working …:grinning:

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