Unable to play on 2nd profile

I have a PS4, my son has purchased Hitman 1 & 2 on his PlayStation plus account.

On the PlayStation 4 we have 2 profiles. My sons and mine.
Ok we both play hitman 2 on our own profiles on the same PlayStation.
However on the last update, my son is still able to play hitman2 on his profile but I’m no longer have access to Hitman 2 on my profile.

Please help

Both signed profiles…

No. My sons profile has access to PlayStation plus account and his Hitman 2 works ok.
However I have my profile on the same PlayStation 4, but after the update I lost access to hitman2 on my profile. Can take pic as send it to you later today.


Ok found what the problem was. My son accessed his account on his friends PS4. One of the questions was do you wish to set his friends PS4 as his primary device, which he selected yes. But when he go home to play on his PS4, he forgot to change the settings to select own PS4 back as his primary device (PS4) found in his setting manager. When you do this reset your PS4 and everything should return back to normal. Where both profiles can access the same games.

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