Unable to redeem Legacy Pack on PS4


I own both Hitman (The Complete First Season) and Hitman 2 Gold Edition on disc. I followed all the online instructions and faq but to no avail. When I go to Hitman, the Legacy Pack is not in the in-game store despite being stated on the main page that it is free for me to download. Legacy Pack is also not available in the PS Store. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both my Hitman games twice but its not working.

Please help!


Make sure you are not launching the Hitman 2 Prologue app.

If you have updated Hitman 2016 the 13th of November, you should see the “redeem legacy pack” in the store tab in the main menu.

Are you sure that you are eligible to redeem the legacy pack? Do you have all seven episodes installed? (Including the bonus mission)

Also make sure that you have all the maps downloaded in Hitman 2016


Thanks for replying. Yes. I am eligible as I own Hitman (The Complete First Season).

They also prompted me on the first main page that I can redeem the Legacy Pack. However, when u click on the icon on the main page, it brings me to the in-game store and there isn’t Legacy Pack for redeeming there. Only Legacy Pack GOTY. When I click on that, they say its not available.


You said that you uninstalled and reinstalled.
Did you download the maps again for Hitman 2016?
Make sure that all maps and content from the disc is installed and downloaded.

Did you follow the process steps in the faq?

On PS4 Disc (both Complete First Season and Definitive Edition):

  • Ensure you have all of the content from the disc installed onto your console and downloaded the latest game update for HITMAN, released on November 8th.
  • Launch HITMAN and follow the prompts in the HITMAN in-game store to redeem and download your Legacy Pack.
  • When the Legacy Pack has installed, it will be playable within HITMAN 2 only.